After 51 years of selling TVs, Paul's TV and Appliances is no longer in business. This year (2015) marked the passing of our Founder, Paul, the "King of Big Screens".  The combination of low prices and margins has made it impossible for Paul's TV to remain in business.  Our Paul's TV family will miss working with all our customers.  We thank you for your support over the past 51 years. 

Extended Warranties - For those customers that elected to purchase Extended Warranties, your extended warranty will remain in effect with one of two third party warranty companies with which Paul's TV placed warranties.  If your product is past one year from its purchase date, in order to make a warranty claim, you must contact one of the extended warranty companies listed below based on the date of your purchase.  

Bose (800) 999-2673
Boston Acoustics (201) 762-2100
Definitive Technology (800) 228-7148
Denon (201) 762-6665
Haier (877) 337-3639
LG (800) 243-0000
Mitsubishi (800) 332-2119
Monster Cable (877) 800-8989
Panasonic (800) 211-7262
Samsung (800) 726-7864
Sharp (800) 237-4277
Sonos (800) 680-2345
Sony (239) 768-7547
Sunbrite (800) 331-4626
Toshiba (800) 631-3811
Yamaha (714) 522-9105

For any other inquiries not addressed by this webpage, please email your inquiry to

Manufacturer's Warranties - Most products carry a 1 year manufacturer's warranty.  If your product is within the first year from date of purchase, your warranty claim may only be made by you directly with the manufacturer.  Manufacturer contact information for the brands sold by Paul's TV are listed below.  If you purchased an Extended Warranty, please see the Extended Warranty section following the Manufacturer Warranty information.  

Please note: Some manufacturers have warranties longer than one year.   

Bankers Warranty Group (888) 329-8742


Warranty purchased on or after 10/1/2013

Warrantech (800) 342-5349

Warranty purchased on or before 9/30/2013

October 2015

Unfortunately, Paul's TV is no longer in business.