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TOSHIBA 39L4300U - 39" FULL HD 1080P LED TV

Toshiba 39L4300U 39 Full HD 1080p LED TV
  • 39L4300U 39 Full HD 1080p LED TV
  • Toshiba 39L4300U - Angle View
  • Toshiba 39L4300U - Rear View
  • Toshiba 39L4300U - Side View
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  • FULL HD 1080P LED TV
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Toshiba 39L4300U - 39" Full HD 1080p LED TV

Smart TV Wasn’t Smart Enough…

One of Toshiba’s latest additions to the LED TV line-up is the 39L4300U Cloud-based Smart TV. The 39" LED Cloud TV takes Smart TV to a new level making your TV easier to use and navigate. You’ll still receive the “standard” premium content you’d expect with a Smart TV such as Netflix, Pandora, Skype, and more. Toshiba’s enhanced content discovery includes real time streaming news, true social interaction with family and friends, and server based upgradability and an expanding world of new apps. The 39L4300U is a Full HD 1080p LED TV with built-in Wi-Fi, Toshiba’s ClearScan 120Hz technology, Audyssey Audio Technologies, and more all powered by a dual-core processor to offer you the best viewing experience possible. The L4300U series is also available in 32" and 50" screen sizes. 

Cloud TV

The Toshiba 39" Cloud TV will change the way you look at the world of entertainment. Toshiba’s 39L4300U Cloud TV features include an ePortal “home page” that allows you to get the most from the applications through an intuitive and simple user interface, a full web browser, a fully integrated way to search endless, DLNA with MediaShare, built-in Wi-Fi and more. The 39L4300U LED’s functionality can be enhanced with tablet and Smartphone based applications. WIDI allows you to view content from your tablet or Smartphone in real time on your big screen. One of the most innovative mobile applications for use with your Toshiba 39L4300U LED is the MediaGuide; this application allows you to find a listing for a show or movie and send the content to your 39" Cloud TV.
Toshiba LED Cloud TV Logo


Skype directly from your couch with the Skype for you 39" Cloud TV, never miss a personal moment with a friend or family member. If you do not already have a Skype account, use the TV’s remote to create a free account; many calls to other users are at no cost to you. A Skype camera is required and sold separately.
Toshiba LED Skype Logo

Built-in Wi-Fi

Wirelessly join your home network with ease from your Toshiba 39L4300U Cloud-based LED TV for access to online content. All you need is an existing home network and you’re ready to go.
Toshiba LED Built-in Wi-Fi Logo

CQ Engine

The Toshiba 39" Cloud TV uses the same CQ Engine as Toshiba’s 3D TVs. The Cinema Quality (CQ) Engine is a dual-core processor that helps create enhanced picture quality and smoother, more robust Smart TV capabilities like multitasking.
Toshiba LED CQ Engine Logo

1080p Full HDTV

Get the most stunning picture from your 39L4300U LED TV with Full HD 1080p picture quality. You’ll experience amazing attention to detail regardless of the content; your Toshiba 39" LED TV makes no compromises.
Toshiba LED Full HD Logo

ClearScan® 120

If fast-paced sports and action-packed movies get your blood flowing, then you know that a blurred image can really put a strain on your excitement. Toshiba ClearScan® 120 anti-blur technology uses advanced computer processing to improve picture clarity without affecting brightness or adding flicker to your 39L4300U.Toshiba LED ClearScan 120 Logo


DynaLight® dynamic backlight control is a dimming technology that utilizes advanced technology to monitor the brightness of each video from in your Toshiba LED HDTV and automatically adjusts the backlight intensity based on what is being shown. The result is a powerful picture with deep blacks for incredible depth and increased detail. Finally the best of image enhancing technologies is available for everyone.
Toshiba LED Dynalight Logo

Gaming Mode

Take your gaming to the edge and back with your Toshiba 39L4300U’s enhanced Gaming Mode. Gaming Mode reduces controller input lag – this is achieved by allowing the video signal to bypass select TV circuitry, shortening signal-to-screen time.
Toshiba LED Gaming Modo Logo

Dynamic Picture Mode

Dynamic Picture Mode, known to many as “Vivid Mode”, is the brightest backlight setting on your 39L4300U. Dynamic Picture Mode is perfect for rooms that are overly bright, e.g. showroom floors, open-rooms, etc., it provides more colors, less visual noise and brighter, realistic images.
Toshiba LED Dynamic Picture Mode Logo

Audyssey Premium Television™

The 39" LED TV is a Toshiba Audyssey Premium Television™; it features an advanced suite of Audyssey Audio technologies that includes Audyssey EQ®, ABX, and Dynamic Volume. Audyssey EQ auto-adjusts the sound quality based on the speaker enclosure and room acoustics to deliver accurate and natural sound right out of the box. Audyssey ABX™ monitors the low-frequencies and drivers to yield a deeper bass response. Loud commercials are a thing of the past, not in reference to the CALM act but in reference to Audyssey Dynamic Volume®. Dynamic Volume® automatically adjusts volume to produce a consistent sound level between programs, commercials, and loud and soft passages of movies. Other Audyssey technologies available in the Toshiba L4300U series include Day/Night Modes, Volume Extension™, and Wall/Table Modes. All of these technologies combined yields the best sound right out of the box.
Toshiba LED Audyssey Premium TV Logo

HDMI® Port and CEC

With HDMI with CEC you get the best of all things HDMI. Not only is HDMI is the most widely used way of transferring digital audio and video, it is the only way to allow your Toshiba disc player to ‘talk’ to your other home theater components. With HDMI and CEC you’ll be able to control your entire home theater system with a single remote control.
Toshiba LED HDMI Port Logo


You can rest assured that Toshiba meets the strict Energy Star® guidelines set by the U.S. EPA. In fact, your Toshiba LED goes well beyond Energy Star® requirements.
Toshiba LED Energy Star Efficient Logo


  Average Customer Rating

Great Bang For Your Buck

By: Joe Vanderslice
Date: Wednesday, June 12, 2013
Expert Review by a Paul's Pro

Overall not every customer wants 3D and if that’s you then this is a great bang for your buck purchase.

A nice 39" option in the world of LED

By: Evan Medeiros
Date: Wednesday, April 24, 2013
Expert Review by a Paul's Pro

The 39L4300U seems to be a direct replacement of the L5200U from last year. It has a similar picture quality features like refresh rate and screen resolution, but the L4300U incorporates Toshiba's new Cloud TV features. Cloud TV allows for greater connectivity and personalization for each user. This smart TV platform aims to really increase the value of the TV by making it usable with all type of mobile devices. The 39L4300U is a step down from the L7300U that features a 240Hz screen and more streamlined design

Great If You Need Built-in Wireless Capabilities

By: Nate Hellebuyck
Date: Wednesday, April 24, 2013
Expert Review by a Paul's Pro

This TV is a really good choice for the person looking for a TV with a good picture and wifi at a good price. Only having 120Hz I don’t think it would appeal to true TV enthusiast but all in all a good TV


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