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SAMSUNG UN65F7100 - 65" FULL HD 1080P LED TV

Samsung UN65F7100 65 Full HD 1080p LED TV
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Samsung UN65F7100 - 65" Full HD 1080p LED TV

The 65" F7100 helps you adjust to the way changes in the way we watch TV. Samsung LED TVs make bold statements about new TV technology and how far that technology has come. The Samsung UN65F7100 is equipped with a plethora of features like Samsung's new S-Recommendation feature and 5 new panels to help you organize and find new content easier. Samsung has also incorporated the standard features you'd expect from a dual-core Smart 3D TV, like Built-in Wi-Fi, a full web browser, a market full of free and premium streaming applications and games, 2D to 3D conversion, and more along voice and gesture control (Samsung Skype Camera required and sold separately). Even with all the Smart features and "bells and whistles", the UN60F7100 doesn't make a single compromise in bringing you the best picture possible; you still receive Full HD 1080p resolution, Clear Motion Rate 720, and even Samsung's software based Micro-Dimming technology. The F7100 series LED TV is available in 46-, 55-, 60-, 65-, and 75-inch screen sizes.

Smart TV 2.0
Discover more of the shows and movies you love with the Samsung Smart TV 2.0 features. Use gestures to navigate within the 5 content panels of within the Smart Hub or simply speak into the mic on the Smart Touch Remote to get customized content recommendations with the new S-Recommendation feature. Samsung Smart TVs allow you to easily discover shows, social posts, and movies with more watching and less surfing.
Samsung F7100 LED TV

Smart Hub
Organization is the key when building an easy to use and simplistic interface on a 65" big screen LED. The Smart Hub now includes 5 panels organized by: On TV, Movies and TV Shows, Social, Apps, and an additional panel for your Videos, Photos, and Music.
Samsung's Five Panel Smart Hub Interface

The Samsung 65" will respond to your voice to find a selection of customized content options based on your preference. S-Recommendation helps you discover new content without the need for channel surfing, but by asking your TV. You can visit the S-Recommendation hub on your Samsung LED TV or simply ask your TV, for example "what baseball games are on?"

Full Web Browser
How would you liek to browse the web from a 65" LCD screen? You can browse the web right from the UN65F7100. Now you can discover even more content and information possibilities from your Smart TV. Every website will render beautifully on your Smart TV from social sites like Facebook and Twitter to news, weather and more.
Samsung F7100 Full Web Browser Logo

Dual-Core Processor
With twice as many processors, you can do two times as much work at once. Samsung's Dual Core processor enables multi-tasking on their TVs, so there's never any down time. Downloading an application and browsing the web at the same time is made possible without slowing the connection down.
Samsung Dual Core Processor

Smart Interaction 2.0
Samsung's Smart Interaction is back and better than ever thanks to a dual-core processor, new voice and gesture commands, and S-Recommendation. Simply speak into the built-in microphone on the Smart Touch Remote Control along with hand gestures to control your TV in new and unexpected ways. This LED offers new and easy ways to interact with your Smart TV and discover new content. Use everyday language and casual gestures to find content or command and control the TV.
Man control TV with Hand Motion

Motion Control
Use hand motions to control your Smart and browse the Smart Hub, play games, and more. The hand motions and gestures have been improved with Smart Interaction 2.0 (Samsung Skype camera required and sold separately.)

Voice Control
With Smart Interaction 2.0 voice control received an update as well. Voice control takes place at the remote control without the need to mute your TV or yell across the room. The library of commands for voice control uses everyday language to speak naturally into the Smart Touchpad Remote control and get instantaneous results.
Woman speaking into microphone on remote control

Samsung Full HD Active 3D
The F7100 is an Active 3D TV that uses battery-powered, active shutter 3D glasses that are synchronized with the television's blazing fast refresh rate. Active 3D glasses don't use filters to create an image; this allows for a crisp, clear picture, with minimal blurring and obscuring of the image; the result is unsurpassed Full HD 3D.
High-speed 3D car, motorcycle, and helicopter chase.

2D to 3D Conversion
With Samsung 2D to 3D Conversion, you can convert any on-screen 2D image into 3D. Now everything you watch can be viewed in 3D without a 3D broadcast or Blu-ray.

Full HD 1080p
With Full HD 1080p on your Samsung UN65F7100 TV you'll experience amazing attention to detail regardless of the format or content. Samsung makes no compromises for picture quality.

Clear Motion Rate (CMR) 720
Clear Motion Rate is Samsung's answer to an industry littered with inflated performance numbers. The current industry standard for panel refresh rates doesn't take how well an LED can handle fast motion. CMR calculates 3 factors: panel refresh rate, image processor speed, and backlight technology. CMR is a scale based on their lowest CMR rating of 60; the UN65F7100 has a Clear Motion Rate of 720, meaning it handles motion 12 times better than a TV with a CMR of 60. The higher the Clear Motion Rate, the better performance the TV will give you when watching fast action sports, movies, or video games.
Blurry fast race car

Micro Dimming
Samsung's Micro Dimming technology is a software enhancement that splits your screen into separate dimmable zones and uses special scanning technology and algorithms to deliver greater contrast and sharper images. With Micro-Dimming your TV will be able to achieve deeper blacks and more vibrant colors for a better 2D and 3D viewing experience.
St. Louis Gateway Arch

Ultra Clear Panel
A Samsung LED TV with an Ultra Clear Panel receives an enhanced picture quality; colors are more vibrant with deeper darks and excellent shadow detail. The panel absorbs most ambient light and virtually eliminates reflections, allowing you to have an amazing picture in any lighting conditions.

Wide Color Enhancer Plus
Wide Color Enhancer Plus ensures that you are seeing the most natural colors on screen. Every color in the RGB spectrum is bold and vibrant, yet natural looking on your TV.
Garden of Flowers on Samsung F7100 LED TV

Samsung Smart View
One of the new features for Samsung Smart TVs is Smart View. Smart View allows you to wirelessly move your content seamlessly between devices in real-time. You can start watching a movie on your TV and finish watching it as you walk out the door so you never miss a second of action. Smart View streams content over your existing Wi-Fi network.

Built-In Wifi
Wirelessly join your home network with ease. All you need is an existing home network and you're ready to go. If you do not have a wireless router at home, Samsung has options to get you wirelessly connected.
Samsung F7100 LED TV with Wi-Fi signal bars

Wirelessly access and share all of your media from your PC or Smart phone with your Smart TV. AllShare also utilizes Cloud storage; you can upload your favorite media to a central web storage account and access it at anytime, anywhere.
Smart Phone, Laptop, and USB thumb drive sharing media with Samsung TV

ConnectShare™ Movie
ConnectShare™ Movie lets you play all types of media files directly from a USB drive or device connected to your television. Home movie viewing has never been easier.
USB, video camera, and camera sharing media with Samsung LED TV.

Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC)
Control all of your Samsung HDMI connected components conveniently with one remote.
Samsung devices and universal remote control

3D Sound
When viewing 3D content on this 65" TV the audio track is processed to create a three dimensional space, including above, behind, or below the listener. 3D sound allows you to experience 3D content with immersive 3D audio.
Samsung TV 3D sound logo

Dolby® Digital Plus / Pulse
There are times when watching content streamed from different sources yields different audio quality over your HDTV's speakers. Dolby® Digital Plus / Pulse optimizes the audio when viewing and listening to internet movies and music, and other content played back from wireless or wired mobile phones, tablet devices, and PCs.
Samsung TV Dolby Digital Plus logo

DTS 2.0 + Digital Out
DTS 2.0 takes a multi-channel DTS audio stream and mixes the signal down for 2-channel audio playback via stereo speakers. You can also send an unprocessed signal to a receiver for further decoding via HDMI or S/PDIF for surround sound.
Samsung TV DTS 2.0 plus digital output logo

DTS Premium Sound™ 5.1
Experience a remarkably immersive surround experience from your UN65F7100's speakers with DTS Premium Sound™ 5.1. DTS Premium Sound™ 5.1 also enables seamless delivery of content across the Internet to web connected devices.
Samsung TV DTS 5.1 Premium Sound Logo

Silver Quad Swivel Stand
Samsung's quad stand provides stylish support and allows you to turn your TV up to 10 degrees, left or right. The swivel stand allows optimum viewing angles for a perfect picture in any room.
Samsung F7100 Silver Quad Stand

Ultra Slim LED
Samsung Smart TVs represent the intersection of striking originality and simplistic design. When the fury of technology and design come together in harmony you get an ultra-slim LED. The ultra-slim design and attention to detail adds to the sophisticated look of your Smart LED TV.

Samsung ultra slim TV with rose gold trim and built-in camera
Camera Not Built-in

With multiple HDMI inputs you'll be able to connect all of your home theater components for high-quality digital audio and video through a single cable.
HDMI cable and Samsung home theater in a box system (HTIB), 3D Blu-ray player, and F7100 LED TV

Smart Touch Remote
To help you seamlessly navigate your Smart TV, Samsung has included a Smart Touch Remote. The Smart Touch Remote can be used to control multiple devices connected to your Smart TV, including your Blu-ray Player, Home Theater System, and set-top box. The Smart Touch Remote has a touch pad that works just like the touch pad on a laptop or mobile PC and a microphone to accept voice control commands.
Samsung TV smart touch remote control

4 Pairs of 3D Glasses
Samsung also includes 4 pairs of active shutter 3D glasses. That's enough to get 4 people in your home started watching 3D content right out of the box.
Samsung 3D glasses

Eco Sensor
The UN65F7100 has a built-in light sensor that measures the lighting in the room and adjusts the brightness of the picture; lighter or darker depending on environment.
Bright and dim Samsung LED TVs

Energy Star 6.0
Samsung TVs not only meet Energy Star requirements, they exceed them. This means lower utility bills, more energy savings, and a smaller carbon footprint on the environment. You save money and it's good for the environment!
Samsung TV Energy Star Logo


  Average Customer Rating

Best TV I've owned yet…!!

By: OldTimeGamer
Date: Tuesday, September 24, 2013
I have now owned this TV for almost a month now. I have been through years of owning TV's. From the circular tube/black & white models to the fancy Color models to DLP, LCD and now LED. This 60" model 7100 LED Samsung Smart TV makes my last Samsung DLP pales in comparison, and I thought that was a great TV. The clarity and color on this new set is absolutely outstanding. I have never seen a TV as clear and bright as this model. The whites are white and the blacks are superb, without any shadows. The Samsung was easy to set up and the stand was a piece of cake to assemble. Setting up the WiFi was a breeze too and the remote is awesome to operate with its slide pad. I look forward to coming home from work and watching this awesome electronic marvel. It's like watching my previously viewed movies for the first time because the picture is so realistic and it seems like you're right there in the scene. And, the 3D...simply...WOW...!!! I went out and purchased (2) 3D movies (Star Trek - Into Darkness & Avatar in 3D) just to see how good the 3D images were displayed and advertised. I wasn't disappointed whatsoever. The images were crisp, clear and just popped right out at you..!! What an enjoyable experience it was too. The sound on these sets are good but purchasing a Samsung Sound bar is much better. The F550 Sound Bar will be my next purchase for this 60" baby. I would recommend this set to everyone I know or whenever the topic comes up in conversation. This is by far the "BEST" TV I've ever owned. Cook up some popcorn, Turn out the lights, and you're at the movies. Great job Samsung...what a TV...!!!

Awesome Wall Set

By: Habeas Opus
Date: Saturday, September 07, 2013
This television set has been fabulous. The picture was great right out of the box, the streaming to all SmartTV apps is flawless and the touch sensitive remote is way cool. Some reviewers thought it was gimicky, but I really like the sleek look and relatively light weight. This TV has all the specs I was shopping for, and some I wasn't (like 3D, really who needs it), The greatest thing though, has been something I didn't even know I was missing before. The dual core processor give a practically instant startup, and since all connectivity is through the built-in wi-fi, there is no need to wait for multiple component to start up. Also, did I mention the ONE convenient small remote. The sound on this set is good enough in a medium sized living room that I don't feel the need for a home theater or additional speakers. So to recap. I love this TV because I could mount it on my wall, hide one power cord and I was finished. The ultra-thin stainless bezel just adds to the sleek minimalist look. If you have to know, yes the feature set is also great for the price.

Buy It!

By: Mike
Date: Saturday, September 07, 2013
Great TV! No frame so I was able to maximize the viewing picture with putting the TV inside a cabinet. Great picture, sound, etc....HIGHLY recommend!

Simply Awesome

By: MajorDMP
Date: Wednesday, September 04, 2013
This TV is just plain awesome. My last TV(about 4 years old) was also a Samsung before they went LED and super thin. The picture clarity is the best I've seen and beyond just messing with some of the picture controls, it looks great out of the box. I watched Avatar in 3D and was blown away on the clarity of the picture and the depth the 3D can produce. Buy it and you wont be disappointed.

The Samsung UN65F7100 is everything and more than expected

By: mark shirey
Date: Monday, May 20, 2013
The new browser is the best I have seen so far. The TV picture is excellant and has plenty of "Pop". Next step ius to get it calibrated once it has been used for a month. I also like the remote but you have to use it before you can get aquanted enough to get the intent of the designer. Yes the TV is expensive but I plant on having this tv for 10 years. I could have purchased the flagship (8000 series) for the same price but 5 inches smaller but glad I didn't. The 65 inch is perfect for 12ft away and the 8000 series only has the camera other than a quad CPU and this CPU is plenty fast!


By: Mark Jeans
Date: Tuesday, April 16, 2013
Expert Review by a Paul's Pro

Almost as good as the Samsung 8000 for a lot less overall a very good deal

Great tv

By: BL
Date: Tuesday, October 08, 2013
I'm very pleased with this tv. The picture is great and it was easy to setup. The remote was a little odd at first but I've gotten used to it. My only complaint is about the apps. The YouTube app is much slower than my laptop and they are both using the same wireless network.


By: sassy894
Date: Friday, October 04, 2013
I own the 7500 series and then purchased this model, I find it the same quality without the bigger price. Great value for the price.

Great TV

By: Darrell Jennings
Date: Monday, August 26, 2013
I'm very happy with this TV. It's extremely thin, very sharp and the 3D works well. My only complaint is the remote control has a track pad that is way too sensitive and you end up in places on the TV that you never intended. I would definitely buy it again and recommend it, but they need a redesign on their remote.

The best I've seen

By: pawnslinger
Date: Thursday, May 09, 2013
I admit that this is only my 2nd LCD TV, but it is the best picture I've seen. The internet apps (Netflix and Hulu) work great. Hard to find any problem to write about. The only downside is the remote... it is horrible, but as soon as I can get my Harmony re-programmed (this weekend my son is coming to do that) I will be a happy camper. The remote isn't all bad, but every time I touch it (just slightly) it mutes the TV. Frustrating. I guess it is static discharge. It is the first metal remote I've seen. All my other remotes have been plastic, like the Harmony.

Samsung F7100 review

By: Don Kim
Date: Tuesday, April 16, 2013
Expert Review by a Paul's Pro

If you are looking for a great quality LED TV with all the smart features. This is the right TV. It costs little more than other competitors but compared to all the other LED TVs in that price range this is the winner.

2013 Samsung 7000 Series

By: Andrew Tolentino
Date: Tuesday, April 16, 2013
Expert Review by a Paul's Pro

You can save a couple hundred bucks by getting Samsung’s 2nd best. Just make sure you don’t kick yourself later because you didn’t spend a little extra to get the best Samsung has to offer in the form of the F8000 series.

Lots of features at an incredible price

By: Bob Baker
Date: Tuesday, April 16, 2013
Expert Review by a Paul's Pro

The Samsung F7100 Series LED TV is a premier value/quality contender for 2013/2014 and is the 3rd tier LED for Samsung. You get the super fast 240Hz panel for fast motion images and panning smoothing. This model replaces the ES7100 series last year and contains a feature rich set without going overboard. It's one of my favorite models for the year and in my opinion is one of the best looking TVs on the market. Other excellent features include a dual-core processor (rather than 4-core in top models) for multitasking and the micro dimming features.

Entry Line 240Hz Compromise

By: Jonathan Hale
Date: Tuesday, April 16, 2013
Expert Review by a Paul's Pro

Samsung TV’s tend to be slightly higher priced than comparable models from other manufacturers and so the value is lacking. It is better to try and find an ES7500 from 2012 because they’ll be about the same price now and you’ll get 1: better picture quality. 2: Built-in Camera, and 3: Evolution Kit (future proof TV)

UNF7100 review

By: Tim Lentini
Date: Tuesday, April 16, 2013
Expert Review by a Paul's Pro

This TV is a high performing TV at a good price, though it may not be in the leagues of some of the higher priced sets, it stands above most sets at it’s attractive price point

great billiance for the money

By: Mike Flores
Date: Tuesday, April 16, 2013
Expert Review by a Paul's Pro

great picture, with fantastic brightness and smoothness

UNF7100 review

By: Nick Ragucci
Date: Tuesday, April 16, 2013
Expert Review by a Paul's Pro

This is a great TV for the money, anyone looking for the best but wants to take a back step to price but still retain great performance, this is a great set to look at…

Samsung’s Second Best

By: TemRancho
Date: Thursday, May 16, 2013
Expert Review by a Paul's Pro

The Samsung F7100 series offers stunning 240HZ video processing without the inflated price of the 8000 series. Of course you do lose some features like Smart Gesture and CMR1200, but none the less you still get a great quality Samsung. You still get 3D and 4 pairs of glasses. You even get Samsungs new SMART user interface(although its not as smooth as the 8000 due to the lack of the Quad Core processor.) Features like a built in Skype camera and the ability to add an EVOLUTION KIT are not available in this model, but the picture is still hard to beat. All in all go for the 8000 but if your customer is on a budget this is a wonderful substitute.

F7100 Sereies

By: Tim Lentini
Date: Tuesday, April 16, 2013
Expert Review by a Paul's Pro

If you have an extremely bright room, and you do a lot of day watching, this is the TV for you! If you are more of a movie buff, you may want to look at another choice because of the lack of black level. The streaming features are great, as usual from Samsung.

samsung's new 7100 series

By: chuck rader
Date: Tuesday, April 16, 2013
Expert Review by a Paul's Pro

with the 7100 series, you will find it to have an excellant picture and will be a gateway to to the multitude of applications that make samsung the leader. with some sound reinforcement, this will be a fine home theater.

Second Place Samsung LED

By: Gil Aburto
Date: Tuesday, April 16, 2013
Expert Review by a Paul's Pro

A big step below the 8000 series.


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