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LG 47LA6900 - 47" FULL HD 1080P LED TV

LG 47LA6900 Plus $250 in Gift Cards
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LG 47LA6900 - 47" Full HD 1080p LED TV

Unbelievable Motion Clarity
The 47LA6900 is another Full HD 1080p, TruMotion 240Hz, 3D LED with Smart TV from LG. Not only is it a 3D Smart TV, it is one of the few in LG’s line-up of LED Plus displays; the “Plus” is local dimming on this edge-lit LED TV. And while we’re on the subject of “edges” this LG 47" LED TV doesn’t have one, well okay, it has an edge it’s just so narrow that it’s almost non-existent. The 47LA6900 includes LG’s Magic Remote, unlimited content with built-in and downloadable applications, from streaming services like Netflix and Hulu Plus, built-in Wi-Fi, a full web browser, 2.1 sound with a built-in subwoofer and much more! The LA6900 series is also available in 47" and 55" screen sizes. 

Smart Can Be Simple
With LG’s Smart TV interface, you gain an easy way to access thousands of movies and applications. Access streaming services like Netflix and CinemaNow, or even stay connected with family and friends with Facebook and Skype right on your TV. Your Smart TV Dashboard is also customizable for quick access to your favorite applications. With LG's Magic Remote for your 47" LED TV you can quickly navigate and access all of your favorite content.
LG Smart TV with Magic Remote

Endless Content at Your Fingertips
With your LG Smart TV you have an endless amount of content at your disposal from streaming services like Hulu Plus®, YouTube®, CinemaNow, and much more. You can keep in contact with friends and family through social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter right from your big screen. You can even pin your favorite applications to your LG 47" LED TV's dashboard for quick and easy access.

LG Smart TV Apps Featuring Facebook, Hulu Plus, Twitter, Netflix, Vudu, YouTube

Your Media, Your Way, At Any Time
Your LG Smart TV has multiple ways to wirelessly share and access your digital media from your 47LA6900. Share media from your PC, Smart phone, tablet, LG Cloud storage, or any other compatible device. Sharing pictures, movies, and music amongst connected devices has never been easier.
TV with Man Surfing Mirrored on Cell Phone, Tablet, and Computer - LG SmartShare

From the Theaters to Your Home
If you like the 3D experience of going to the movie theaters, then you’ll love that same experience from the comfort of your own home, no sticky floors or inconsiderate viewers where you live (hopefully). LG’s Cinema 3D brings the best of movie theater 3D viewing to your home with light-weight, inexpensive passive 3D glasses. That’s what you get with LG Cinema 3D, outstanding picture quality and amazing 3D effects.
Men in Motorcycles Riding Out of 3D TV - LG Cinema 3D

Two-Player Split Screens on a Full Screen
Gamers rejoice! LG has taken your gaming to a whole new level. Utilizing their award winning 3D technology, LG made it so two people can play a game at the same time without the need for a split screen. Through the special glasses offered by LG, F310DP – sold separately in a bundle, each player has a full 2D image. Dual Play works with virtually any game console as long as it offers a split-screen, 2-player mode. The competition just got stiffer!
LG Dual Play Glasses with 3D TV

Unlimited 3D Content
With the LG 47LA6900 Smart LED's 2D – 3D conversion you have an endless amount of 3D content. Any and everything that can be show on-screen can be converted to a 3D image with the simple push of a button. Everything from photos to videos can be seen with additional depth and enhanced imaging. 

Underwater Scene on 2D TV and 3D TV- 2D to 3D Conversion on 3D TV

The “Plus” is Local Dimming
What makes one television better than the other? Contrast! Contrast is one of the main determining factors of how accurate an LED's color will be on-screen. Contrast affects how deep and “inky” blacks appear and how rich and warm colors appear on-screen. The more contrast you have the more detail you’ll see; this LG 47" LED TV uses local dimming to increase the contrast of light and dark images on-screen, offering amazing clarity and color detail. LED Plus separates the pixels of the display into “zones” which are then monitored by on-board sensors that dim the backlights in “zones” that have darker images than the rest of the screen.
TV with Multi-Colored Balloons Showing Contrast - LG LED Plus

Full HD 1080p with TruMotion 120Hz

60Hz TV with Blurred Football in Motion, 120Hz TV with No Motion Blur- TruMotion 120Hz
Experience “fine tooth comb” attention to detail with the 47LA6900’s Full HD 1080p picture quality. See colors and detail like never before. Motion blur is practically a thing of the past with TruMotion 120Hz technology. The LG 47LA6900 Smart 3D LED TV can keep up with all of your fast moving content. Experience details and color like never before.
Mountain Scene at Sunrise - LG 1080p Full HD

Picture Wizard
The LG 47LA6900 has a built-in picture wizard. The picture wizard allows for easy calibration. LG’s on-screen instructions will help you easily calibrate the picture with simple and easy to understand instructions. Now you can spend less time scratching your head over why the grass is blue and the sky orange and focus on the actual program.
Backlight Settings Demonstrated with Yellow Flowers- Picture Wizard on LG LED TV

Impressive Sound
Rich, full audio with 2.1 channel sound comprised of (3) 2-way speakers. Now you can experience brilliant audio with a powerful subwoofer adding depth and liveliness to all of your favorite shows. Take the booming exhilaration of a movie theater home with you.
TV with Speakers Demonstrating 2.1 Channel Sound

Automatic Audio Optimizing
With your LG 47LA6900 Smart TV is an audio feature, Smart Sound Mode that automatically adjusts the audio so that you get the full effect from your favorite shows and movies.
Movie, Sports, and Music Audio Calibration Software

Where’s the Frame?
The new Cinema Screen design for the 47" LG 3D Cinema LED is absolutely stunning. “Cinema” Screen encompasses the idea that movie theaters offer an edgeless display, why not your own personal TV. At first glance this television looks like it’s all panel without an edge. When the base is removed to mount the LED TV on a wall, it looks as if the image is created by sorcery in mid-air. Even when powered off, the new Cinema Screen design is beautiful; you have to see it for yourself.
LG Cinema Display Edgeless TV

Point and Click or Simply Speak
Your LG 47LA6900 3D Cinema LED TV is paired with LG’s intuitive and fun Magic Remote, it gives a new meaning to point and click. The Magic Remote allows you to easily select features on your TV simply by waving the remote, using the scroll wheel, or use LG’s Voice Mate. Voice Mate is capable of recognizing how you naturally speak and allows you to use voice commands to change the channel, volume or search for something to watch. Plus you’ll be able to control your entire home theater system, even your set-top box with just one remote.
TV and Magic Remote Demonstrating Point, Scroll, Gesture, and Voice Controls

Light-Weight, Battery-Free
LG includes enough glasses with the 47LA6900 to get 4 people started watching 3D content right out of the box! The included glasses are light-weight with comfort in mind; so even the people who wear prescription glasses can watch 3D content comfortably. This LG Cinema 3D TV has 4 sets of glasses in the box. The passive 3D glasses are light-weight and inexpensive.
LG Passive 3D Glasses

One Remote to Rule Them All
Your LG Remote can control your Blu-ray, HTiB, Set-Top box and sound bar so you don’t have to search for the right remote for each of your different media devices.
LG Magic Remote Controlling TV, Blu-ray, Speakers

Energy Star Compliant
The LG 47" LED TV is Energy Star compliant to ensure you save money yearly and make an impact on the environment. LG has also included additional settings that allow you to further customize and adjust the energy consumption of your LED.
Energy Star Logo and TV


  Average Customer Rating

Basic TV

By: Gabriel Hoflejzer
Date: Sunday, June 16, 2013
Expert Review by a Paul's Pro

Good TV for the money


By: Doobie Brother
Date: Wednesday, April 24, 2013
Could not be easier to setup.A beautiful picture and excellent sound.The 3D feature is a real plus and th e fact that a regular pair of glasses is all you need is very, very good.


By: Anonymous
Date: Monday, April 15, 2013
I am just giving 4's cause I couldn't get the biggest one :(


By: samnsara
Date: Wednesday, March 06, 2013
This is a great tv. I love the apps and am finally getting the hang of the pointer type remote control. we have it paired with a 3D blue ray player and between the two we have enough 3D to keep us busy. Cant wait for more to be available thru our dish site. This tv looks great as well

LG 6900

By: Don Kim
Date: Thursday, July 18, 2013
Expert Review by a Paul's Pro

it has all the cool features and great picture quality. If customer is not looking for something with 240hz this is a great buy for a very good quality TV.

LG 6900 Series

By: Jim Peterson
Date: Monday, June 24, 2013
Expert Review by a Paul's Pro

The price point makes it an affordable full featured TV by a quality manufacturer. This is a definite Go To piece.

Midrange smart TV

By: Gil Aburto
Date: Sunday, June 23, 2013
Expert Review by a Paul's Pro

Decent smart TV for the $.

Mid Range Best Value

By: Baba Thapa
Date: Saturday, June 15, 2013
Expert Review by a Paul's Pro

Value wise, only the ST series Panasonic beats it in picture quality. For LED lovers on a budget, it is a great value

IPS+Local Dimming=Black

By: Alex Figueroa
Date: Wednesday, May 01, 2013
Expert Review by a Paul's Pro

Lg’s 6900 is one of the best values in town. The tv is inexpensive in comparison to comparable Samsung and offers similar features. If you can spend a little more and go for a 240 set but otherwise a great deal.

LG 6900 Series LED

By: Mike Brule
Date: Tuesday, April 16, 2013
Expert Review by a Paul's Pro

This is a great TV for a gamer, everyday TV watcher, or a bright room. The viewing angle and the dual play feature really set this series aside from its competition. A great TV for the money which is feature rich!

LA6900 Series is a solid contender

By: Bob Baker
Date: Thursday, July 18, 2013
Expert Review by a Paul's Pro

Picture quality on the LA6900 is very strong with great dark shadow detail which is not overshadowed by good black performance. Colors are natural looking and not over saturated, while picture depth is also very good for the LED edge lit LCD TV. This TV will not win best picture quality awards due to it not having quite enough zip from the backlight to gain superior peak whites or enough black depth to win there, but it's a solid contender with a very good picture. The screen is clear coat with a bit of anti glare matte in it, which also hurts your side angle viewing quality.


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