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LED Televisions

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LED Televisions

LED Televisions

The LED Flat Panel is the most prominent display technology available. LED Flat Panels are used in everything from smartphones and tablet PCs to laptops and control panels on washing machines and dryers and naturally in LED Televisions. LED TVs use LEDs (light-emitting diodes) for screen backlight instead of the older CFL (neon tube) technology. LED TVs are thinner, brighter, more energy-efficient, and weigh much less than most forms of display technology. The bold and vivid color created by an LED TV will give everything you watch outstanding contrast ratios.

Paul's TV & Appliances offers a wide variety of LED Televisions from top-rated manufacturers like Samsung, Sharp, LG, Toshiba, and more. You'll find various sizes from smaller, affordable 32" - 47" screens to medium-size, super-thin 55" - 65" displays, even top-of-the-line 80" and 90" classes. Select from a range of picture resolutions that include 720p HD, Full HD 1080p, and 4K UHD - many of these televisions include motion and clarity enhancing features like an improved refresh rate and dimming technology. Most LED TVs we offer have additional features to enhance your viewing experience, like 3D playback and conversion, built-in Wi-Fi with access to streaming media services (Netflix, Hulu Plus, etc.) and more...

With so many options and available features, deciding which is the best LED TV for you can be a challenge. Which features are focused on ease-of-use and functionality, which features and specs are indicative of a great picture quality? Check out our HDTV Buying Guide. For the best LED TVs with the best picture quality and features, shop at Paul's TV.

Featured Product Videos

Samsung Smart View 2.0

Samsung's Smart View 2.0 is a standard feature of the 2014 line of Smart TVs. It allows stream to your TV from a connected device, as well as streaming content, such as a broadcast, from your TV to your device.

Sharp SmartCentral 3.0

SmartCentral 3.0 is Sharp's new and improved Smart TV interface that's a portal for all the content you love, in one place, from various sources like your cable/satellite provider, Netflix, Hulu Plus, and more.

LG Smart TV Dashboard

LG's new Smart TV dashboard is a portal to quick and easy access to new and old content. Watch shows and movies you've never seen before based on your previous history. The interface even offers integration with your set-top box.