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With over 30 years experience in customized home theater installation and thousands of satisfied customers, we set out to be your true one-stop shop. Never again will you have to beat yourself up, spending hours on end trying to get your system set up. Whether it's a simple setup or an elaborate home theater with custom built cabinetry and integrated whole home control, we are more than capable of ensuring you have the best home theater experience possible. No job is too small or large!

Whole Home Control

Utilizing state of the art systems such as Lutron and Nuvo, our integrated systems are designed so that you can operate almost every electrical facet of your home, all from the convenience of one device. If it has an electrical current, you can probably control the operations. From simply adding to your existing system to designing a new system, you can build on in the future.

Whole Home Control
  • Running late for work? Feel free to check the weather or even lock the door on your way in.
  • Open your garage from work, allowing the courier (that you forgot was coming) to safely deliver your expensive equipment.
  • Home Network integration for access anywhere in the world.
  • "One Touch" control allows you to control the multiple facets of your whole home with one control on an iPhone/iPad - never lose a remote again!


Cables, cables, everywhere! We understand; we've been doing this for quite a bit of time. We'll handle all of the connections and get you all the equipment required to make it work. Your In-Home Specialist will go over every facet of entertainment that you'd like in your home. Many different types of screens to choose from allow us to create the theater of your dreams.

  • Plasma, LCD, or LED - if flat panels are what you're into, then so are we! We offer most manufacturers and sizes to ensure the best in-home entertainment experience possible.
  • DLP - you like them, we love them! Cabinets or stands built specifically for your DLP television. If you don't have one, we'll get you one.
  • 92" not big enough for you? We thought not! Front projectors and screens are great options to enhance your viewing experience for even more people. A true theater experience, virtually any size - big or small - the sky is truly the limit with front projectors.
  • Want the absolute best picture quality possible? We thought so! We ensure your picture is calibrated to the best quality possible. Calibration is based around room lighting and your preference.

Safety & Security

Whether it's a single camera being installed or a complete DVR system, we can ensure you will always be the "eye in the sky," no matter where you are on this planet. Controlled lighting adds additional forms of security, especially when you're away for an extended period of time.

Safety and Security
  • Control and view your security system with "One Touch" control, iPhone/iPad.
  • Create a safe path of light to, through and around your home.
  • Program a "Vacation" scene to replay your daily routine, so it looks like you're home even when you're not.