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How Do 3D TVs Work?
By The King
1/19/2012 11:58:00 AM

When it comes to the movies, it's safe to say that 3D technology is here to stay! But is it really possible to harness the same technology to bring vivid three-dimensional images to your home theater? Yes... let the King explain how:

The way that 3D movies work is relatively simple. Although we perceive the world as a single continuous image, each of our eyes in fact receives a slightly different image, because our eyes are in slightly different positions. When our brain reconciles the two images, we see the world with depth perception.

A 3D movie consists of two different images shown simultaneously. By giving each viewer a pair of special glasses in which each lens is designed to show only one of the images, you allow the viewer to see the two images as a single movie. Your brain reconciles the two images, and you see the movie as a three-dimensional image.

To watch a 3D television, you can dan a pair of active-shutter glasses or passive glasses. Active-shutter glasses block the viewing in one eye, then the other, in rapid succession. Meanwhile, your television shows a frame visible to your left eye, then your right eye. The glasses coordinate with your television so that you experience a single, continuous, three-dimensional image.

Passive glasses, on the other hand, are sort of like a pair of specially designed polarized sunglasses. Unlike sunglasses, which are designed to block light equally from both eyes, polarized 3D glasses block different kinds of light from each eye, creating the illusion of depth.

If it's so simple, then why weren't we able to accomplish this before? Because for years, televisions were not advanced enough to handle the rapid-fire frame changes required for 3D viewing. With the development of HDTVs designed specifically to meet the demands of 3D, home viewers are finally able to enjoy the same in-depth experience they can have at virtually any local movie theater.

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3D Television with Dinasaurs and 3D Glasses 

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