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70-Inch LED Sharp TV Hits Stores!
By The King
6/30/2011 4:12:00 PM

How do you describe a TV when “Big is Too Small a Word?” At Paul’s TV, we don’t think you should have to describe it… just come in and see it for yourself!

We have the 70-inch LED Sharp TV on display and ready to make your jaw drop. You probably already know that it’s the largest LED LCD TV on the market – with 62% more viewing area than a 55-inch screen. But did you know it’s only 3.4 inches deep? You’ve eaten cheeseburgers that were thicker!

Maybe you’ve seen the 120Hz version of this TV (LC-70LE732U)? Our friends are still talking about it. But now, Sharp’s outdone themselves with a 240Hz version (LC-70LE734U). And yeah, The King has both. In stock. Waiting for you.

These TVs feature Sharp’s four-color Quad Pixel (RGB and Yellow) technology. Let the wife think it’s so she can catch every sappy moment in The Notebook – we know you’ll be watching sports. And who could blame you? This screen may be a better view than your season tickets. Plus, with internet connectivity and built-in wi-fi, you can check scores during the commercial breaks.

Good things may come to those who wait, but the new 70-inch LED Sharp TV only comes to those who get off the couch and into the nearest Paul’s TV. This TV is only available in stores. Click here to find your local Paul's TV store.

Got questions? Ask them here. The King’s men (and women) love to talk about the latest technology… and in our opinion, the bigger the better. Spectacularge? Viewmongus? Jumbowhelming? Yeah, we’re ready.

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On Thursday, September 06, 2012 The King wrote:

No, this is reality. Even better is Sharp's 80" and 90". Add that to your list! The models in this post are from last year. Check out these links for the current 70" models: http://www.paulstv.com/LED-Televisions/Sharp-LC70LE640U-Includes-$200-Restaurantcom-Gift-Certificate.asp .... http://www.paulstv.com/LED-Televisions/Sharp-LC70LE745U-Includes-$200-Restaurantcom-Gift-Certificate.asp .... http://www.paulstv.com/LED-Televisions/Sharp-LC70LE847U.asp....Here are the 80 and 90 for you http://www.paulstv.com/LED-Televisions/Sharp-LC80LE632U-Includes-$300-Restaurantcom-Gift-Certificate.asp .... http://www.paulstv.com/LED-Televisions/Sharp-LC80LE844U.asp .... http://www.paulstv.com/Store_Products/Sharp-LC90LE745U.asp .... Pricing is always changing and we aim to have the lowest price, especially with our price match guarantee. For the most current pricing call our online support team at 888.669.1030, they're always ready for your questions and comments.

On Thursday, September 06, 2012 lanaya wrote:

Wow!!! Are you kidding? 70"s for a television? This is a good inclusion for my wish list! How much does this TV costs?


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