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SunBriteTV Features


Watch all of the action outdoors with a weather-proof Outdoor TV from SunBriteTV. All SunBriteTVs are specially designed for outdoor use:

• Completely SAFE to use in ANY weather conditions
• Extra-Bright LED display for outdoor viewing
• Special anti-reflective screen to resist outdoor glare

SunBriteTVs Made in the USA

SunBrite Outdoor HDTVs are Designed,
Engineered, & Assembled in the United States

The SunBriteTV Difference

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The SunBriteTV Difference

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SunBriteTV All-Weather TV

Torture Test Video

All-Weather. Durable. Tough.

SunBriteTV Torture Test
SunBriteTVs Are Designed To Withstand

SunBriteTVs are designed and engineered from the ground up for
SAFE Outdoor Use.

Rain, Snow, Ice
SunBriteTVs can survive the harshest weather environments, even heavy downpours – including rain, snow, and even hail! Traditional TVs are built exclusively for indoor use and lack the protection offered by a true outdoor television. Mainly, an indoor TV placed outside runs a high risk of shock and electrocution to users.

Anti-Glare Screens
The majority of indoor TVs have high-gloss screens; while this is good for indoor viewing, it produces a mirror effect that diminishes picture quality when placed outside. All SunBriteTVs feature commercial-grade high-haze displays that absorb ambient light and dramatically reduces glare.

Dust is everywhere, but there's way more outside that in your home. Why put an indoor TV outside? SunBriteTVs utilize special micro-fiber filters that keep out pollen, dust and smoke particles that can clog an indoor TV; this causes thermal overload, circuitry damage, and eventually complete unit failure.

High Humidity
Humidity can build up inside a TV anywhere, including covered areas; as this happens, condensation drops onto circuitry causing shorts and eventually, total electrical failure. The circuitry of SunBriteTVs are coated to protect them from this type of damage.

Extreme Heat and Cold
Minimum operating temperature? Not a SunBriteTV! They're made to function in extreme cold, -40 degrees to be exact. Extreme heat will cause any traditional indoor TV without a cooling system to suffer thermal damage over time. SunBriteTVs feature multi-speed cooling fans to protect against thermal damage, up to 122 degrees.

Insects and Spiders
SunBriteTVs are designed to keep everything out, this include spiders and other creepy crawlers. Traditional TV design leaves many openings that allow insects and spiders to get inside and make nests; this will eventually lead to shorts and thermal overload. Prevent this with the original outdoor TV, SunBriteTV.

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