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LG Dual Play
By The King
7/19/2012 6:43:00 PM

Split Screen Game - Dual Play Gaming

2012 was the year that manufacturers chose to step and think outside of the box. Some manufacturers went bigger, some manufacturers went with enhanced interaction features, but nothing has been truly “innovative”. As the years go by there have been enhancements to television technology, like an increase in overall value, beauty or effectiveness; but there hasn’t been much advancement in television technology. Much of the technology we see today is already on the market.
All of that has changed with the advent of LG’s 3D Dual Play. All gamers, now is the time to rejoice! Advancements have been made, and barriers and restrictions have been torn down to reveal a plane that we’ve never seen before. So what is Dual Play? Ever play a game with a friend and the screen is split? Instead of counting up the wins, you find yourself struggling to get a better view? We all have! LG has found a way to give each player their own screen.
How it works…it’s rather simple really. All you need is a basic understanding of 3D and LG Cinema 3D. Brief overview for you, 3D is achieved by tricking your brain into seeing “depth”. In order to see depth from a 3D TV, each eye has to have a slightly different image. Just like if you were to alternate closing one eye at a time, the image you see with your right eye, will be slightly different that what you saw with your left eye. This is the basis of how your brain is “tricked” into see “depth”.
LG achieves this with their polarized TV panel and 3D glasses. Each lens of the polarized glasses has built-in filters that block lines of resolution; normally the left will block the even and the right the odd lines. When Dual Play is activated you’ll see two full screen images on one screen with the naked eye. While viewing through the special glasses made by LG for Dual Play (essentially two left lens in one pair and two right lens in the other pair). One of the images shown will use all even lines of resolution and the other will use all odd lines of resolution. Yielding full screen game play for everyone. All LG Cinema 3D LED with Smart TV have this feature built-in. Each player can see the full game from their own perspective. Basically, the competition just got stiffer!

If you’re ready to take gaming to the next level, check out these LG models that include 3D Dual Play:

47LM6200, 55LM6200, 65LM6200, 47LM6700, 55LM6700, 47LM7600, 55LM7600, 47LM8600, 55LM8600, 55G2

What games would you play using LG Dual Play? Call of Duty for the win!

How LG Dual Play Glasses Function

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On Thursday, October 04, 2012 The King wrote:

Hi Lanaya,
Majority of the 2-player games out there will be compatible with the LG Dual Play feature. The only criteria needed is a split screen for cooperative play. Many of the "racing" games split the screen, a lot of the popular shooters split the screen as well.

On Tuesday, October 02, 2012 lanaya wrote:

This is a very cool gadget but the problem is what are the games that would be compatible with its features?


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