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Waring Pro RPC175WS - Electronic Wine Chiller/Warmer

Waring Pro RPC175WS
  • RPC175WS
  • CPU Control for Constant Temperature
  • 33 Preset Wine Temperatures
  • Streamline Body
  • Blue Backlit Display
  • Suitable for Wine Bottles Up to 3.5" Diameter
  • Perfect for the Wine Enthusiast
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Electronic Wine Chiller/Warmer
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Product Features

Waring Pro RPC175WS - Electronic Wine Chiller/Warmer

    This innovative electronic device brings a bottle of wine to its optimal serving temperature in minutes. Just place a bottle in the cooling chamber, then select your varietal on the digital wine library menu. Displaying both the wine's current and recommended temperature, the unit beeps when the wine is ready to serve. A lighted window offers a clear view of the wine label.

    Chills (or warms) a bottle of wine to a precise serving temperature
    33 preset temperatures
    Displaying both the wine's current and recommended temperature
    A lighted window offers a clear view of the wine label
    Dimensions: 5¼" x 10" x 9½" high; holds bottles up to 3½" diam.

Product Specifications

Product Details:

Capacity Bottles Up to 3.5" in Diameter
Applications Single Bottle Wine Chiller/Warmer
Temperature Range 43° - 64°
Whats Included Instruction Book


Dimensions (H x W x D) 9.5" x 5.3" x 10"


Labor Warranty 5 Year Manufacturer Motor Warranty
Parts Warranty 5 Year Manufacturer Motor Warranty

Customer Reviews

 Average Customer Rating

You Have To Understand

By: GT "Scalper"
Date: Sunday, June 03, 2012
We received this unit and it did exactly what I thought. It cooled a bottle of wine from the refrigerator to perfect temperature in about 10 minutes and held it at that temperature. Most people have a refrigerator to cool wines to close to the correct temperature, this product only perfects the temperature. The fan does make noise, but I put it a recessed area of my bar so the sound is muffled.

If you aren't smart enough to understand the purpose of this product you shouldn't buy it. Taking a wine from room temperature to proper temperature is something that should be done over time and in a larger refrigerator. This is not the product for a wine you just decided you want to drink. If you cant think that far ahead you have other problems.

Performs as Intended

By: Sukie7
Date: Friday, July 06, 2012
I bought this wine chiller about a month ago and am very pleased with it. A word of caution, if you are under the impression that this wine chiller brings a room tempurature bottle of wine to perfect drinking tempurature within minutes, this is not the product for you. Most of us store our wine in a home that is approx. 70 degrees, in other words too warm for wine storage which should be more like 55-60 degrees. We drink our whites too cold (straight out of the frig)and our reds too warm (room temp)this product is meant to bring a properly stored wine to perfect drinking tempurature. Of course it is best to keep your wine stored in a device made for this purpose. If you dont own a wine frig or cellar my advice would be to put your reds in the frig about 20-30 min and whites about 30-40 min and then transfer to the wine chiller to reach proper drinking tempurature to cut down on wait time. The wine chiller does emit a fan like whirring noise but if used as intended you shouldnt have to listen to it for very long and it does what its meant to do and is an attractive appliance.


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