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Samsung PN51F5500 51 Full HD 1080p Plasma TV
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Samsung PN51F5500 - 51" Full HD 1080p Plasma TV

The new Samsung Smart 3D Plasma TV PN51F5500 is for those seeking a refined Smart TV experience, a great cinematic performance, and an attractive design that simplifies access and organization of your TV programming. The PN51F5500 offers the complete package of image quality, ease of use, and functionality. The Samsung F5500 series 1080p plasma TVs feature Full HD 1080p, 600Hz subfield motion, Real Black panel, Cinema Smooth, and a Clear Image light filter to offer the best picture quality anytime, anywhere. The 51" Smart Plasma TV also makes it easier to find new content with voice activated S-Recommendation and its new 5 panel Smart Hub. The F5500 is also available in 60" and 64" screen sizes. 

Smart TV 2.0
Discover more of the TV you love with the Samsung 51" Smart Plasma TV. Use gestures to navigate within the 5 content panels of the Smart Hub or simply speak into the mic on the Smart Touch Remote to get customized content recommendations with the new S-Recommendation feature. Samsung Smart TVs allow you to easily discover shows, social posts, and movies with more watching and less surfing.
Samsung TV with Smart Features

Smart Hub
Samsung’s Smart Hub underwent a major overhaul and now includes 5 convenient panels. The new Smart Hub of the PN51F5500 organizes your entertainment options across these panels: On TV, Movies and TV Shows, Social, Apps, and a panel for your Photos, Videos, and Music.
Samsung's Five Panel Smart Hub Interface

Discover new content and more of what you want to watch without the channel surfing, but by asking your TV. The 51" Smart Plasma TV will respond to your voice and find customized selections of content for you to watch based on your preferences. Simply ask your TV for recommendations while you’re watching TV, for instance “what basketball games are on?” or visit the S-Recommendation hub for new things to watch.
Woman speaking into microphone on remote control

Full Web Browser
The 51" Smart 3D Plasma TV by Samsung, allows you to sit back relax and leave the computer or the phone alone. Every website will be displayed just as it would on your desktop or smart phone. Checking your email, updating your social network status, and browsing the web have never been so convenient and fun.

Dual-Core Processor
Samsung’s Smart Plasma TV features a dual-core processor, 2 processors in one, into a Smart TV. The 51" 1080p plasma now offers faster multitasking and content search results. The extra power gives you smoother interaction, faster web browsing and allows you to switch between content faster than a single-core processor.
Samsung Dual Core Processor

Smart Interaction 2.0
The 51" Plasma TV offers new and easy ways to interact with your Smart TV and discover new content. Samsung Smart Interaction returns better than ever thanks to S-Recommendation, a dual-core processor, and new voice and gesture commands. Now you can control your TV in new and unexpected ways by speaking into the built-in microphone on the Smart Touch Remote Control along with hand gestures. Use everyday language and casual gestures to find content or command and control your TV.
Man Controls TV with Hand Motion

Motion Control
Use hand motions to control your PN51F5500 Smart Plasma and browse the Smart Hub, play games, and more. The hand motions and gestures have been improved with Smart Interaction 2.0 (Samsung Skype camera required and sold separately.); it now includes more casual gestures and smooth interaction thanks to assistance from the dual-core processor.

Voice Control
With Smart Interaction 2.0 voice control received an update as well. Voice control takes place at the remote control without the need to mute your TV, turn it down, or yell all the way across the room because the program you’re watching is too loud to pick up your voice. The library of commands for voice control uses everyday language to speak naturally into the Smart Touchpad Remote control and get instantaneous results.

Samsung Full HD Active 3D
The Full HD plasma TV features Full 1080p High Definition Active 3D, the included 3D glasses never filter any lines on the TV which allow a crisp, clear picture, with minimal blurring and obscuring of the picture.
High-speed 3D car, motorcycle, and helicopter chase

2D to 3D Conversion
Don’t have any 3D Blu-rays or have a limited amount of 3D content at your disposal, no worries; your 1080p 3D TV can convert any 2D image to a 3D image. With Samsung 2D to 3D conversion your 3D library is endless.

Full HD 1080p

Your Samsung Full HD Plasma TV makes no compromises for picture quality. You’ll experience amazing attention to detail, regardless of the content or format, with Full HD 1080p resolution.
TV with Landscape Scene Demonstrating Full HD 1080p

600Hz Subfield Motion
Your image is sampled 20-25 times more per second, 600 times per second compared to the native rate of 30 times per second. The PN51F5500’s 600Hz Subfield Motion ensures that you will receive the smoothest, crispest, and most natural picture possible.
White Car in Motion with No Motion Blur

Real Black Panel
Real Black Panel software advancement provides deeper and darker black level for higher contrast, bolder hues, and a smoother, clearer picture quality.
TV with Pier at Night Scene Showing Deep Black Levels

Cinema Smooth™
Cinema Smooth ensures that motion is crisp regardless of content. Many of the movies you watch are filmed at 24fps (frames per second). Televisions have always broadcast at 30 fps; this means your HDTV has to “guess” 6 frames, 20% of your picture; this “guess-work” causes judder and other motion related issues. Cinema Smooth allows your Samsung Plasma TV to adjust the frame rate of your display to match the rate of the content.
TV with Man Jetskiing Showing Crisp Motion Clarity

Clear Image Panel
Samsung’s Clear Image Panel technology gives your PN51F5500 3D Smart Plasma TV anti-reflection properties for a better viewing experience. The single layer panel eliminates dual images and blurring, especially during off angle viewing.
TV with Bright Green Leaf Showing Clear Image

Wide Color Enhancer Plus
Wide Color Enhancer Plus ensures that you are seeing the most natural colors on screen. Every color in the RGB spectrum is bold and vibrant, yet natural looking on your PN51F5500.
Garden of Flowers on Samsung F5500 Plasma TV

Samsung Smart View
Never miss a second of action with Samsung Smart View for your 51"  Full HD Smart TV. Smart View allows you to move content wirelessly between devices in real-time. You can start watching a movie on your TV and finish watching it in the backyard while you’re enjoying the cool breeze. Smart View streams content over your existing Wi-Fi network.

Built-in Wi-Fi
Wirelessly join your home network with ease. All you need is an existing home network and you’re ready to go. If you do not have a wireless router at home, Samsung has options to get you wirelessly connected.
Samsung F5500 LED TV with Wi-Fi signal bars

Get wireless access to all of your media from your PC or Smart phone with your Smart TV. With access to Cloud technology, AllShare allows you to upload your favorite media to a central web storage (Cloud Storage) account and access it at anytime, anywhere.
TV Sharing Media with external, portable wireless devices

ConnectShare™ Movie
ConnectShare™ Movie lets you play all types of media files directly from a USB drive or device connected to your television. Home movie viewing has never been easier.
USB, video camera, and camera sharing media with Samsung LED TV.

Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC)
Control all of your Samsung HDMI connected components conveniently with one remote.
Samsung devices and universal remote control

3D Sound
When viewing 3D content on your Samsung Full HD 3D TV the audio track is processed to create a three dimensional space, including above, behind, or below the listener. 3D sound allows you to experience 3D content with immersive 3D audio.
Samsung TV 3D sound logo

Dolby® Digital
Dolby® Digital Plus / Pulse optimizes the TV sound quality when listening and viewing content on the internet and other content played back from wireless or wired PCs, tablets devices, or mobile phones. Now all of the content played on your TV will sound better than their originating source.
Samsung TV Dolby Digital Plus logo

DTS 2.0 + Digital Out
DTS 2.0 is an advanced audio processing codec that decodes DTS multi-channel audio and then mixes the signal down and outputs 2-channel audio, played via stereo speakers. The digital out allows the device to output the DTS stream via HDMI or S/PDIF to a receiver for further decoding.
Samsung TV DTS 2.0 plus digital output logo

DTS Premium Sound™ 5.1
Experience a remarkably immersive surround experience from your PN51F5500’s speakers with DTS Premium Sound™ 5.1. DTS Premium Sound™ 5.1 also enables seamless delivery of content across the Internet to web connected devices.
Samsung TV DTS 5.1 Premium Sound Logo

Plasma +1
The Plasma +1 is indicative of a reduced bezel design. Offering more viewing area, up to an inch, without increasing the overall dimensions of your Samsung PN51F5500 plasma TV.
Image Showing Reduced Bezel on Samsung Plasma

With multiple HDMI inputs you’ll be able to connect all of your home theater components for high-quality digital audio and video through a single cable.
HDMI cable and Samsung home theater in a box system (HTIB), 3D Blu-ray player, and F6400 LED TV

Smart Touch Remote
To help you seamlessly navigate your PN51F5500 Samsung has included their Smart Touch Remote. The Smart Touch Remote can be used to control multiple devices connected to your Smart TV, including your Blu-ray Player, Home Theater System, and set-top box. The Smart Touch Remote has a touch pad that works just like the touch pad on a laptop or mobile PC and a microphone to accept voice control commands.
Samsung TV smart touch remote control

2 Pairs of 3D Glasses
Samsung also includes 2 pairs of active shutter 3D glasses. That’s enough to get 2 people in your home started watching 3D content right out of the box.
Samsung 3D glasses

Eco Sensor
The 51" plasma TV has a built-in light sensor that measures the lighting in the room and adjusts the brightness of the picture; lighter or darker depending on environment.
Bright and dim Samsung LED TVs

Energy Star 6.0
With Samsung TVs you’ll have a lower utility bill, more energy savings, and leave a smaller carbon footprint. Not only do all Samsung TVs meet the strict Energy Star requirements, they exceed them, so you save money and it’s good for the environment.
Samsung TV Energy Star Logo


  Average Customer Rating

Exceptional TV for the price!

By: Amidie Rivard
Date: Thursday, May 16, 2013
This picture quality is great, apps are easy to use, and the price was unbeatable. The only complaint I have is the remote is somewhat touchy but otherwise I love this TV!


By: FastFreddie "Tattooz"
Date: Tuesday, April 30, 2013
I used a BD-C6900 Samsung 3D blu-ray DVD player as the 3D source and viewed Hugo 3D and the snow looked as if it were falling on my feet! Wreck it Ralph and the Avengers also were pretty spectacular as well. I am not so sure about the "smart" voice remote yet, but the plasma is stunning! The glass is very reflective! I would have to have some very good curtains to block out the bright sunlight reflecting from the screen. Other than that this was/is a great buy for the size and features. I am NOT anywhere near a videofile, so pleasing me might be a lot easier, but there were no dead pixels, no video/contrast adjustments needed. I will do a video fine tuning this summer, but I only expect to be tweeking (minor adjustments).


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