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Panasonic TCP60ZT60 60 Full HD 1080p Plasma TV
  • TCP60ZT60 60 Full HD 1080p Plasma TV
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Panasonic TCP60ZT60 - 60" Full HD 1080p Plasma TV

Perfection After 16 Years…
For over 4 years, Panasonic has been the leader in the plasma TV market. Critics and consumers both agree that Panasonic plasma TVs offer the best overall quality. In fact, 4 out of the top 5 TVs last year were Panasonic plasma TVs; this year is no different. Panasonic has already received major kudos from professional critics and consumer alike. Panasonic's inherited Kuro designers and technology gives Panasonic’s plasma TVs a leading edge over other brands and designs.

OLED TVs are set to arrive this year with price points ranging from $10,000 to $15,000 for a 65" TV. With such a premium price tag on OLED, what’s the next best thing for picture quality? The 60" ZT60 series Panasonic plasma TV to be exact. The TC-P60ZT60 has both critics and consumers believing once again that plasma still reigns supreme (for now) and Panasonic is still the king of plasma displays. Last year, 2012, CNET’s Top 5 HDTVs included 4 Panasonic plasma TVs. This year, Panasonic released their ZT60, their answer for OLED technology. The ZT60 is for the tough critics and video buffs. Panasonic claims that this is the best TV they’ve made in 16 years of creating plasma TVs for the consumer market.

Panasonic ZT60 HD Guru Review Panasonic Neo Plasma Black 3000 Panel Technologies

The Panasonic ZT60 Series TV features many updates to the panel to enhance picture quality. Voted 2013 CES BEST HDTV by HDGuru , the ZT60 features Panasonic’s Neo Plasma Black 3000 panel structure. This panel structure incorporates multiple technologies to ensure your plasma TVs picture quality is able to contend with OLED in the lines of response time, brightness, motion clarity, and black levels. This feat is achieved with Panasonic’s Studio Master Panel, their Ultimate Black Pro Panel, a Louver Filter with Fast-Switching Phosphors, and 3000 Focused Field Drive (or FFD). This Panasonic 60" TV features 30,720 steps of color gradation and 98% of the DCI Color Space to give you bold and vibrant colors on all of your favorite content. The ZT60 Smart TV comes equipped with all of the features you need to enhance the way you watch and use your TV, e.g., built-in Wi-Fi, a built-in web browser, a customizable interface, and much more. The ZT60 is also available in a 65" screen size. 

Panasonic Smart VIERA My Home Screen

My Home Screen
From the moment you turn on your Panasonic 60" TV, you’ll be greeted with Panasonic’s new and improved My Home Screen landing page. This is where all of the magic happens. The My Home Screen page allows you to customize the location, and therefore, ease of access to all of your favorite applications and widgets.
Panasonic Smart VIERA My Home Screen
If you’re a "social-butterfly," then you can personalize My Home Screen with all of your most used social media applications like Facebook and Twitter. If you’re a sports fan, then you can load your home screen with your favorite sports-based applications like ESPN, a sports ticker, and more.Panasonic Smart VIERA My Home Screen
Up to 6 members of your household can create their own personalized screen, or profile. Video-on-demand services, your personal media, TV programs, and a rich social experience is right at your fingertips.

Family Watching TV - Panasonic Smart VIERA My Home Screen

Panasonic Smart TV VIERA ConnectVIERA Connect
Experience VIERA Connect, a wide range of applications, when you connect your TCP60ZT60 to an Internet connection (wired or wireless). From the VIERA Connect landing page you’ll be able to access a virtually limitless library of content ranging from educational to games to Video-On-Demand services and much more, all downloadable right to your Panasonic 60" Smart TV. VIERA Connect allows you to watch all of your favorite content commercial and interruption free.
Lady Watching TV Showing Panasonic Smart TV VIERA Connect

Built-in Web Browser
The Panasonic TCP60ZT60 Smart VIERA plasma HDTV lets you visit your favorite websites without the computer or mobile device. The built-in web browser on your TV will render every page as gloriously as it would if you were on your computer or mobile device. Panasonic Smart TVs offer you the best web-based browsing experience possible, a 60" TV screen; all you need to get started is an Internet connection (wired or wireless). Family Watching TV - Panasonic VIERA Smart TVs Built-in Web Browser
Click Here to Learn How To Create a Wireless LAN

Panasonic Smart VIERA Voice Guidance

Voice Interaction
The ZT60 series of Panasonic plasma TVs feature voice guidance and recognition. You can use your voice to operate the TV, change settings, and even perform online searches with voice recognition. With voice guidance and text-to-speech capabilities your 60" TV will read on-screen content aloud to you. You can use the VIERA Touch Pad Controller or the Panasonic VIERA Remote2 application to interact with your TV.

Boy in Front of TV Using Panasonic Smart VIERA Voice Guidance Panasonic Smart VIERA Touch Pad Controller

Panasonic VIERA Wireless LAN LogoBuilt-in Wi-Fi
The TC-P60ZT60 Plasma TV features built-in Wi-Fi to allow an easy and clean Internet connection so you can take advantage of the limitless content available from streaming service providers. Your 60" TV automatically detects any available network and guides you through an easy setup process. Ensure you have an existing WLAN to wirelessly connect your Smart VIERA TV via Wi-Fi.
Panasonic Smart VIERA Built-in Wi-Fi
Click Here to Learn How To Create a Wireless LAN

Panasonic Dual Core Hexa Processing Engine LogoDual Core Hexa-Processing Engine
A vehicle’s performance is only as good as the engine. Behind the One Sheet of Glass design of this Panasonic 60" plasma TV sits an extremely powerful Dual Core Hexa processing engine. The engine uses Panasonic’s Super Clear Resolution algorithms and analyzes every image, for a detailed, crisp picture. The processor also allows you to run multiple smart functions; you can surf the web, stream content, and run applications without lag or delays.
Panasonic Dual Core Hexa Processing Engine

THX Certified LogoTHX Certified 2D and 3D Display
When you purchase a 60" THX Certified Panasonic plasma TV means that you are literally turning your living room into a theater. This Panasonic HDTV meets THX requirements for brightness, gamma and color reproduction, and sharpness. These standards ensure that both your 3D and 2D viewing experience will be second to none.
3D TV Photo - Lady in Red Hood

Panasonic Smart VIERA Full HD Active 3D TechnologyFull HD Active 3D
If you thought 3D in a massive movie theater was immersive, then you haven’t tried 3D at home on a 60" plasma TV. Using active shutter lenses and 3D technology, the on-screen image of your VIERA 3D plasma TV remains unchanged and unfiltered; this gives you an unparalleled 3D viewing experience in full high definition. With Panasonic’s 3D Motion Remaster Technology, your TCP60ZT60 employs special algorithms to reduce 3D judder and crosstalk. In a nutshell, active 3D technology causes your brain to create an own image in between the lag seen between left and right images – this is evident when two 3D objects "seemingly" crash into each other, when they’re actually crossing paths. 3D Motion Remaster accurately increases perceived depth to create a lifelike 3D image.
Motorcycle Riding out of TV - Panasonic Smart VIERA Active 3D Technology

2D to 3D Conversion
With the TCP60ZT60 60" plasma TV, you have a nearly endless amount of 3D content. The Panasonic HDTV's advanced conversion technology creates a 3D image with virtually any 2D content. Ordinary broadcasts, your media library, even your personal photos and movies can be seen in beautiful 3D. Girl Jumping Out of TV - Panasonic Smart VIERA 2D to 3D Conversion

Panasonic Ultimate Black Filter LogoUltimate Black Infinite Black Panel
Panasonic’s ultimate panel technology to date; this panel generates deeper, truer blacks and it incorporates a Louver filter with fast-switching phosphors. The Ultimate version of this technology also includes Panasonic’s new Studio Master Panel. The Infinite Black filter prevents light loss in the panel cells – even in brightly lit rooms; dark scenes and fine textures are rendered with precise detail. The Louver filter allows the plasma TV to adjust the display’s brightness in proportion to the light in the room. Finally, the reformulated fast-switching phosphors increase the overall luminous effect and minimizes afterglow – this reduces double image and displays clear, detailed 3D images.
Lights/ Lanterns at Night Showing Deep Blacks- Panasonic Ultimate Black Filter

Panasonic Studio Master PanelStudio Master Panel
The ZT60 series features Panasonic’s Studio Master Panel for increased performance and superb contrast. By removing the pocket of air between the panel and the front glass, the Panasonic TV’s Studio Master Panel improves light transmission and minimizes reflections from external light. Excluding certain OLED displays, this 60" TV offers the absolute best picture quality available.Panasonic Studio Master Panel

Panasonic’s 30,720 Gradation Steps Logo
Panasonic’s 98% DCI Color Space Logo

30,720 Steps of Gradation with DCI 98% Color Space
By increasing the number of sub-fields available, the Panasonic TCP60ZT60 is able to control the light emitted by each cell individually in 30,720 steps of intensity. The result of the increase is a smooth, high level color gradation; from jet black to brilliant white, this 60" plasma TV produces rich, dimensional images with seamless color variation.
Sunset Image Showing Panasonic’s 30,720 Gradation Steps

Pure Red Phosphor
Panasonic made a drastic improvement to the purity level of the ZT60 series plasma TV's red phosphor. The result expanded the displays color reproduction to 98% of DCI¹ studio standards and 122% of ITU² broadcasts standards. That means that you’ll have a picture quality that rivals cinemas and see colors beyond the standards of all home entertainment.
1.  Digital Cinema Initiative - a group of major motion picture studios that establishes the standard for digital cinema systems
2.  International Telecommunication Union – a specialized agency that is responsible for issues that concern information and communication technologies
Image of Roses Showing Panasonic's New Red Phosphor

Panasonic Full HD 1080p DisplayFull HD 1080p Resolution
See all of your favorite content rendered in stunning Full HD 1080p clarity. All of your content, including your personal photos and videos, will look their absolute best. With the TCP60ZT60, you’ll see why bigger really is better.

Panasonic 600Hz Sub Field Drive Technology600Hz Sub-Field Drive
What’s 60 x 10? 600! In the time it took you to solve the math problem your 60" Panasonic TV just created 600 images. That’s really fast! With 600Hz Sub-Field Drive technology, 60 frames per second (60Hz) with 10 sub-fields per frame, your image will be crisp and clear with optimum sharpness regardless of content.

Picture Demonstrating Panasonic 600Hz Sub Field Drive Technology 

Panasonic 3000 Focus Field Drive Logo3,000 Focused Field Drive
The previously mentioned panel technologies all lead up to this one fantastic idea, Panasonic’s original 3,000 Focused Field Drive technology. This technology allows you to enjoy crisp, clear images, even during high-speed actions scenes, on your 60" Panasonic TV. The TC-P60ZT60 plasma TV detects image movements like the human eye, and the TV’s sub-field controller optimizes light emissions at a rate of 1/3000th a second…that’s blazing fast and extremely accurate! This Panasonic plasma TV guarantees dynamic sports images and breathtaking fast action scenes rendered with stunning clarity.
Snowboarder on Slope Showing 3,000 Focused Field Drive Technology

Now it’s easier to view all of your personal content on your DLNA-compatible TCP60ZT60 Smart VIERA TV. All you need is an existing home network and sharing files between devices is as easy as connecting all of your devices on your network, wired or wireless, and accessing the files from your Smart VIERA TV.
Family Accessing Content in Different Rooms - Panasonic DLNA Enabled Smart VIERA TVs

Panasonic Smart VIERA Media Player LogoMedia Player
The Panasonic TCP60ZT60 features a media player that is unlike any on a television you’ve seen prior to 2013. Simply plug in any USB device with your favorite media into your TV and you can view and edit them in real-time; you can add a simple frame to your photos and videos, and you can even create a slideshow complete with background music. The media player supports a wide range of formats, so you can view web movies and listen to PC-based music right on your 60" plasma TV.
TV Showing Photo, Movie, and Music Media Options

Panasonic Smart VIERA Swipe & Share 2.0 LogoSwipe & Share 2.0
Swipe & Share 2.0 makes it even easier to transfer your favorite content from your tablet or smartphone to your TV so you can share it with your friends and family. The days of huddling around a 4.5" – 7" screen so you can share your favorite home video with friends and family are over. Simply swipe your finger across the media, on your smartphone or tablet, towards your Panasonic plasma TV and it’ll show up on the big screen. You can also swipe content from your TCP60ZT60 "back" to your mobile device and take it where ever you go. It’s as easy as a swipe of your finger to transfer photos, videos, and even music to your 60" plasma TV.
Panasonic Smart VIERA Swipe & Share 2.0

Panasonic Smart VIERA Remote Control ApplicationVIERA Remote 2 App
Panasonic’s VIERA Remote Application gives you a fun and easy way to control your 60" plasma TV. Simply download the free application from any iOS or Android app store and turn your tablet or smartphone into a fully functional remote. The application goes beyond changing channels, volume, and inputs; you can also adjust picture settings like brightness, color, or contrast. It also turns your mobile device into a second screen to view personal images and photos that are loaded to the TV via the SD or USB inputs without interrupting the current program.
Phone and Tablet Showing Panasonic VIERA Remote for iOS and Android

2 Pairs of Active 3D Glasses Included
Along with your 60" Panasonic 3D plasma TV, you’ll receive 2 pairs of comfortable, stylish 3D glasses. The 3D glasses are lightweight to give you hours of comfortable 3D viewing with family and friends.
Panasonic VIERA 3D Glasses

Panasonic VIERA Touch Pad Remote LogoVIERA Touch Pad Remote
To help you navigate your Panasonic HDTV, you’ll receive the VIERA Touchpad Remote. This remote is not your standard remote control; it’s made to fit comfortably in your hand, its ergonomic shape allows seamless control of your Panasonic TV with little to no effort from a fingertip. The simple design incorporates a touchpad that works just like a mouse-pad on a laptop pc and a built-in microphone for you to issue voice commands.
Lady Using VIERA Touch Pad Controller With Voice Recognition

Panasonic VIERA Optional Touch PenElectronic Touch Pen (Optional)
With Panasonic’s Electronic Touch Pen it’s okay for you to let the kids write on your TCP60ZT60. The touch pen turns your VIERA TV into a virtual 60" whiteboard and you can write memos to members of the household. You can even edit pictures by adding captions or drawing right on the image – then you can use Swipe & Share 2.0 to save it to your mobile device. The electronic pen is also good for playing games and operating applications.
Panasonic VIERA Optional Touch Pen Demonstration

Panasonic One Sheet of Glass Design LogoOne Sheet of Glass Design
The Panasonic ZT60 series plasma TV features a unique design; the display only uses a single sheet of glass. Most plasma TVs have 2 layers of glass to create the panel. This single layer design gives the Panasonic plasma TV a more modern and lighter design that’s sure to enhance any décor. The narrow metal bezel is the final complement for the ultimate in functional beauty.
TV Showing Panasonic One Sheet of Glass Design

Long Panel Life
One way you can help protect the environment is by selecting high-quality products and taking care of them so they last a long time. High quality VIERA TVs help; thanks to innovative designs, Panasonic’s plasma panels last for up to 100,000 hours before the brightness decreases. That’s more than 30 years of use for 8 hours per day.
Woman Shown at Age 10, 20, and 30 Next to Same TV - Long Panel Life

Environment-Friendly Panel
Panasonic is committed to reducing their negative impact on the planet and therefore makes their products friendlier for the environment. The Panasonic TCP60ZT60 VIERA Plasma display panel is free of lead and mercury; this reduces the impact on the environment when it’s time for you to recycle or retire your TV from use.
Mercury and Lead Free Panel

Panasonic Automatic Power Save LogoAutomatic Power Save
Panasonic Smart VIERA TVs are engineered to be good for the environment and your pockets. VIERA TVs conserve energy by automatically adjusting the brightness of the display depending on room conditions, and powering down after periods of inactivity.
Two TVs Showing Panasonic Automatic Power Save



  Average Customer Rating

Best TV on the Market

By: garyanders
Date: Saturday, August 10, 2013
Inky blacks, excellent contrast and brightness, color pops out of the picture. I looked at a lot of TVs and this is the best. No wonder CNET ranked it #1 overall, but am surprised they did not give it a 5 star rating. I have mine set on THX Cinema, with the contrast turned down to 50 and the brightness down to a -20. Excellent picture on these settings. I will eventually have mine calibrated. Not even the new Sony 4K can touch this TV, the black levels are just far superior. Buy this TV and you will not be disappointed. Just hope Panasonic does not get out of the plasma business as they make the best product. I have always owned LCDs but so glad I made the switch to plasma.

Captain Video

By: Captain Video
Date: Monday, August 05, 2013
Was in the market for a Plasma from the leader in Plasmas so I was led to believe with the hype on them on line, so decided to spring for this one. The result was better than I expected after about a months wait, but after a brief setup, a super clear picture and easy learning. I did not use the TVs audio, and was using my old 7 channel setup which was not a problem to install with this set as a monitor for video. Also hooked up a Panasonic 330 BD player with top marks on the 3D, which at first, I wasn't interested in, but seeing as how most new sets will be 3D compatible, thought I might as well go with it. Love all the results.....cannot see how anything could be better.

Very Pleased

By: Jimbo
Date: Friday, August 02, 2013
Just got our ZT60 setup yesterday. Really nice unit. Not sure why some people have stated the sound doesn't work that well on the unit. Why in the world would someone spend this kind of money on a TV and not have a separate surround sound system is beyond me. Anyway. I love this TV. Awesome picture, great features, love the swipe from my Android phone to screen app. If you don't mind spending the money then this is the set to get.

Just the best TV ever made

By: repete66211
Date: Tuesday, June 18, 2013
The ZT60 is not the brightest TV made but for dark to bright room situations it produces the best picture quality of any TV ever made. (Yes, including the Kuro.) The ZT60 is all about picture quality but it also offers all the bells and whistles--WiFi, ARC, 3D and a whole slew of apps, including the popular streaming apps from Netflix, YouTube, etc. Mine works great but there have been complaints from more than a few people that the fans are VERY loud. To date Panasonic has not addressed this occasional but persistent issue.


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