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Panasonic TCP50S60 - 50" Full HD 1080p Plasma TV

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  • Full HD 1080p Resolution
  • 600Hz Sub-Field Drive
  • Online Movies
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Built-in Media Player
  • Swipe & Share 2.0
  • 100,000 Hour Panel Life
  • Automatic Power Save Mode

Product Overview

Panasonic TCP50S60 - 50" Full HD 1080p Plasma TV

The Panasonic S60 Smart VIERA Plasma TV gives you all of the tools you need to get unlimited content with amazing motion clarity and definition. It features built-in Wi-Fi for easy access online movies from streaming providers like Netflix and Hulu PLUS, DLNA multimedia device communication protocol, a media player that plays just about every format in production, and a Smartphone remote control application that enables Swipe & Share – a new way to share media from your Smartphone or Tablet PC with your TC-P50S60. The Panasonic VIERA Plasma offers a beyond exceptional picture quality and motion clarity with 1080/24p playback, 6,144 steps of color gradation, 600Hz Sub Field Drive, and Full HD 1080p resolution. The S60 is available in 50-, 60-, and 65-inch screen sizes.

Panasonic VIERA Online Movies Logo
Online Movies
Why would you wait for your favorite program to be offered by your cable or satellite provider when you can stream it instantaneously? Thanks to the streaming services like Netflix and Hulu PLUS, you can easily find and view your favorite content right from your Panasonic TCP50S60. With the power of Panasonic Smart VIERA TVs your content is limitless and on-demand when you want it!

Panasonic Smart VIERA Online Movies

Panasonic VIERA Wireless LAN Logo
Built-in Wi-Fi
Thanks built-in Wi-Fi, you won’t need anything more than an existing wireless network to get started streaming your favorite movies and shows directly to your Panasonic TV. Your VIERA Plasma TV will detect available wireless networks and guide you through the easy setup process. Once your Smart VIERA TV is connected to your network you’re ready to start streaming.

Panasonic Smart VIERA Built-in Wi-Fi

Panasonic Full HD 1080p Display
Full HD 1080p Resolution
True greatness is in the detail and with Full HD 1080p resolution you’ll see why bigger is better. The Panasonic TC-P50S60 will remind you why you wanted a high-definition TV in the first place. Now all of your content, even personal media, can look its absolute best.

Panasonic 600Hz Sub Field Drive Technology
600Hz Sub-Field Drive
Are you having a hard time reading the sports or news tickers? Tired of blurry jerseys and jittery motion? 600Hz Sub-Field Drive will help you with those troubles. Viera plasma TVs are really fast; the images shown on screen consist of 60 frames per second, with 10 Sub-fields per frame (60 x 10 = 600). These blazing fast speeds give you a crisp, clear, and sharp image – even during high speed action scenes.

Panasonic 600Hz Sub Field Drive Technology

With a DLNA enabled VIERA plasma, sharing content is as easy as connecting all of your devices to your home network, wired or wireless. All of the content stored across these devices on your home network can be accessed and viewed right on your Panasonic Smart VIERA TV, regardless of where they’re located in your home.

Panasonic DLNA Enabled Smart VIERA TVs

Panasonic Smart VIERA Media Player
Media Player
Panasonic includes a media player with a surplus of features unlike anything you’ve seen on a television to date. The TC-P50S60’s USB based media player allows you to edit your personal videos and photos in real time from your TV; you can add a frame to a photo or video, and you can even create a slideshow with background music. The media player also supports a wide range of formats, so you can listen to PC-based music and view web movies right on your TV.

Play All of Your Personal Media Via USB

Panasonic Smart VIERA Swipe & Share 2.0
Swipe & Share 2.0
With the Panasonic S60 Smart VIERA TV it’s even easier to share content from your mobile devices with your TV. Simply swipe the media from your Smartphone or tablet towards your Panasonic TV and it will be transferred to your big screen for viewing or even editing! You can also swipe the content “back” to your mobile device and take it where ever you go. Now you don’t have to huddle around a 4.5” screen to share a video with your family. It’s as easy as a swipe of your finger to transfer photos, videos, and even music to your VIERA TV.

 Panasonic Smart VIERA Swipe & Share 2.0

Panasonic Smart VIERA Remote Control Application
VIERA Remote App
Unlock new and fun ways to control and interact with your TV when you download the free Panasonic VIERA Remote Application – available from any iOS and Android store. It turns your mobile device into a fully functional remote control that can even work as a second screen for viewing personal media from a USB or SD card attached to your TV without interrupting the current program. The VIERA Remote Application allows you to adjust picture settings, as well as change the channel and volume.

Panasonic VIERA Remote for iOS and Android

Panasonic VIERA Optional Touch Pen
Electronic Touch Pen (Optional)
The Panasonic Electric Touch Pen releases the artist in you right onto your TC-P50S60. The touch pen turns your VIERA TV into a 50-inch Post-it pad. You can leave messages and memos to members of the household on the first appliance that gets turned on when they get home. You can even edit images by drawing or writing right on the picture; once you finish editing the image you can use Swipe & Share 2.0 and save it to your mobile device. The electronic pen is also useful for operating various application and playing games.

Panasonic VIERA Optional Touch Pen

Long Panel Life
By selecting high-quality products that last a long time you can help protect the environment. Thanks to VIERA TVs innovative design, Panasonic’s plasma panels maintain their brightness for up to 100,000 hours. That’s more than 30 years of use for 8 hours per day.

100,000 Hours Panel Life

Environment-Friendly Panel
Join Panasonic’s pledge to reducing their negative impact on the planet with their products. Panasonic TC-P50S60 VIERA plasma display panels are free of mercury and lead, reducing the impact on the environment once it’s time for you to recycle or retire your TV from use.

Mercury and Lead Free Panel

Panasonic Automatic Power Save Logo
Automatic Power Save
Panasonic VIERA Smart TVs are designed to be sensible for the environment and your wallet. VIERA TVs save energy by adjusting the display’s brightness based on room conditions, and shutting off after brief periods of inactivity.

Panasonic Automatic Power Save


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