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Sharp LC70SQ15U 70 Full HD 1080p LED TV
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  • LC70SQ15U 70 Full HD 1080p LED TV
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Sharp LC70SQ15U - 70" Full HD 1080p LED TV

Paul's TV Tech Expert Ishon Jones
Ishon Jones is an electronics and tech expert from Los Angeles, California who has been infatuated with technology since childhood. His interests include gaming, listening to music, and watching visually stunning movies with his family



Sharp AQUOS Q+ SQ Series LED

Sharp did it again! They've created a line of full HD TVs that achieve resolutions higher than 1080p. Introducing the SQ series from Sharp's 2014 line of LED TVs with their new AQUOS Q+ technology. You've never seen anything like the AQUOS Q+, it's like the first convertible car; this is the highest resolution full HD TV available and it plays 4K content! Sharp achieves this by employing amazing upscaling technology to deliver 10 million more subpixels than standard HD. Sharp's 2014 AQUOS Q+ TVs also feature smart TV features, like built-in Wi-Fi, SmartCentral 3.0, content discovery, and more. The Sharp SQ series is available in 60- (LC-60SQ15U) and 70-inch (LC-70SQ15U) screen sizes.

Picture Quality

Sharp SQ series TVs are loaded with Sharp's new Q+ and Quattron™ technology, a built-in resolution upscaler, and 3D and 4K playback; this is in addition to the 8 million : 1 contrast ratio, 240Hz refresh rate, and other image enhancing software and hardware. All this technology geared towards improving your viewing pleasure makes this one of the best full HD TVs available.

Quattron™ Full HD 1080p: Sharp has always made one of the best HD TV panels available; AQUOS LED use an advanced pixel structure that incorporates photo-alignment algorithms to allow more light through on bright scenes and shut out more light on dark scenes. By employing some of the best panel technologies available, Sharp full HD TVs with Quattron™ provide a richer, clearer picture that's so real you can see the difference.

Q+ Technology: Sharp's SQ series is one of two lines that come loaded with this proprietary technology. Q+ technology divides each red, green, blue, and yellow subpixel in two; this creates 16 million subpixels - 10 million more than Full HD. More subpixels equal more detail; content is then scaled to match the new resolution. Q+ TVs are able to take a 1080p resolution screen and create an effective resolution of up to 3840x2160. In addition, the SQ can receive and playback content from any 4K source.

Resolution Upscaler and 4K Playback: The built-in upscaler uses smart algorithms to calculate the source resolution going to the television and converts it to a resolution that can fully utilize Sharp's Q+ technology. Content can be upscaled or downscaled to match the resolution of the TV.

Sharp AQUOS Q+ Technology

Quattron™ Technology: Quattron™ is another Sharp exclusive panel technology; it adds an extra yellow subpixel to the typical red, green, and blue pixel design of conventional TVs By adding the extra subpixel, Sharp increased the subpixel count by 2 million more than full HD; this gives you finer details and a billion more shades of color. A standard TV has 6 million subpixels, Sharp LED TVs with Quattron™ have over 8 million subpixels. The result is whiter whites, deeper blacks, and bolder, more vibrant colors. An additional benefit of Sharp's Quattron™ technology is the naturally brighter display that doesn't wash-out or over-saturate on-screen colors and it uses less power than a conventional HDTV. With an AQUOS Q+ LED with Quattron™ technology you're guaranteed to see deeper blues, richer golds, brighter yellows and other colors like never before.

Optical Picture Control (OPC): Optical Picture Control, or OPC, is Sharp's light sensor that measures light around the television and automatically adjusts the backlight of the screen accordingly.

Enhanced Noise Reduction: Enhanced noise reduction removes the unwanted video noise from ANALOG and SD signals that have been upscaled to display at full-screen. It smooths the edges of objects bringing the image closer to HD quality; this option can be controlled in the picture settings.

Dual-Core Processor: The AQUOS Q is loaded with a powerful dual-core processor that helps product sharp images with accurate color and reduced motion blur. The additional core also enables multi-tasking and faster browsing and search results.

3D Playback w/ 2D to 3D Conversion: Experience real-life action and depth when viewing 3D movies and shows. Sharp AQUOS LEDs with active 3D technology offers one of the best 3D experiences outside of a movie theater. Concerned about the "leanness" of your 3D library? Sharp AQUOS Q+ TVs are capable of creating a 3D image from a 2D picture; this gives you an endless library of 3D content. Only own a 3D copy of a movie? With a quick flip of a switch on the side of Sharp's active 3D glasses, they'll convert the 3D image to standard 2D. Sharp 3D TVs lets everyone watch TV however they please. 3D glasses for the SQ series are sold separately.

8 Million : 1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio: The SQ's 8 Million : 1 contrast ratio means the brightest white is 8 million times brighter than the darkest black. Most TV manufacturers drastically inflate this number without consideration for how "washed out" colors tend to look at the higher contrast ratios due to the intensity of the backlight. A lot of Sharp's brightness can be accredited to the natural brightness from the yellow subpixel. Sharp LED TVs offer a much more natural contrast between bright and dark colors on-screen. Imagine never losing track of the golf ball or baseball at it soars through the sky under clouds, while watching sports.

240Hz Refresh Rate: The SQ15, AQUOS Q+, has a 240Hz refresh rate panel that nearly eliminates motion blur and delivers superior clarity, especially during fast-motion scenes. Sharp AQUOS Q+ LEDs creates 4 times the images a standard high-definition television can create in the same amount of time; by time a TV can create one image the SQ has already created 4. This greatly improves motion clarity since the image processors calculate the next on-screen movement and creates additional frames. Now you'll be able to see the "UFO" is actually a bird.

Inputs/Outputs: AQUOS Q+ LED TVs has a variety of high-definition inputs like HDMI, component, and even USB; this makes it easy for you to connect all your favorite components for the ultimate home entertainment experience.

HDMI: HDMI is the best high-definition connection available. HDMI can carry a surround sound signal and a lot of them are capable of carrying 4K and 3D video signals. The SQ has four HDMI inputs; this should be enough for your favorite console or media player, an AV receiver, a cable/satellite box, or any other high-definition audio and video components you own. A couple HDMI inputs are capable of advanced performance features like MHL and ARC.

Sharp AQUOS Q (4) HDMI Inputs
ARC (HDMI 1): Audio Return Channel, ARC, allows audio to travel in two directions, downstream and upstream; this makes it easier to get media from an external device, like a game console, through an AV receiver, and then to the TV for further processing. Before ARC, an audio signal could only travel downstream to an amplifier or receiver, and then to external speakers. In essence, devices connected to a receiver could only play through speakers attached directly to the receiver, not TV's on-board speakers - a separate audio cable was required to carry audio directly to the TV for playback through the TV's speakers. ARC allows that audio signal to travel through the HDMI input back to the TV, no additional cables or accessories required.
MHL (HDMI 4): Many people download shows and movies to their mobile devices all the time; in fact, more than 40% of YouTube's traffic comes from cellphones and tablet PCs - which is why MHL makes sense. Mobile High-definition Link, or MHL, is one of the latest standards for wired, high-definition data transfer between mobile devices and your TV. This wired connection allows you to enjoy videos, images, and audio from your mobile device on your Quattron™ LED. Your existing remote can be used to select and access content on your mobile device.

Component: If your HDMI inputs are full, you can use the component video input. input requires (5) five connections; red, blue, and green RCAs carry the video signal, and the separate white and red RCAs carry the audio signal. Component inputs only carry a left and right, or stereo, audio signal, no Dolby or DTS surround sound. However, you can still use the SQ's digital optical output to carry a lossless surround sound signal.
Composite: There are (2) composite video inputs available Sharp's SQ series; composite inputs only offer standard-definition video, 480i or 576i. Only use composite video inputs when you have devices that only support standard-definition video. If you're ever forced to use the composite input, you should learn how to calibrate your TV's basic picture settings. Pay close attention to the sharpness setting when adjusting non-HD video signals. Composite inputs, just like component, only carry a stereo audio signal.
Sharp AQUOS Q Component Video Input Sharp AQUOS Q Composite Video Input

USB: AQUOS Q+ TVs have (2) two USB inputs; they're used for software updates and playing digital media files, like music, photos, and movies. Compatible devices include USB memory sticks/thumb drives, USB card readers (mass storage devices), or USB hard drives; tablet PCs and smartphones classify as mass storage devices.

RF (Antenna): If you own a set-top box, there won't be anything plugged into this input; the coaxial cable plugs into your set-top box for video and audio processing, and then it's sent through the composite, component, or HDMI output to the TV. On an older television, this output is generally occupied by a standard antenna.

PC Input (VGA): AQUOS TVs make it easy to connect a laptop or desktop PC to your TV with a VGA input. The VGA input can carry video, but not audio, from your PC to the TV.

Sharp AQUOS SQ DVI to HDMI Connection
Sharp AQUOS SQ VGA Monitor PC Input
Sharp AQUOS SQ PC Compatibility Chart

Smart TV and Convenience Features

In addition to returning smart TV features from Sharp's 2013 LED line-up, there have also been modifications and additions to the 2014 edition of SmartCentral. The AQUOS Q+ still has all the standard smart TV features, like built-in Wi-Fi, flash-enabled web browser, DLNA media streaming, but SmartCentral 3.0 brings you more apps and more content faster. Get ready to go beyond simply watching TV and get ready to experience TV.

SmartCentral 3.0: SmartCentral 3.0 is the product of Sharp's dedication to giving you the best viewing experience possible. Sharp AQUOS TVs with SmartCentral 3.0 have a new global search function, powered by an integrated guide; the two functions work together to help you find and access the things you like to watch faster. SmartCentral 3.0 also includes enhanced tablet PC and smartphone connectivity and the best of games and streaming applications.2014 Sharp SmartCentral 3.0 User Interface

Smart/Streaming Applications: SmartCentral offers the best applications for your AQUOS TV. You'll have instant access to streaming video services like Vudu and Netflix, streaming music services and Internet radio like Rhapsody and Pandora, and best of gaming and social applications on your TV.

Global Search and Integrated Guide: The global search and integrated guide help you find old and new content based on your personal preferences. A simple search query will return results for movies and shows from online streaming services and your satellite/cable provider. You can perform searches by time, popularity, title, and genre. SmartCentral 3.0 lets you spend more time watching the shows you love instead of looking for them.

Improved Smartphone and Tablet Connectivity: Turn your mobile device in the best remote control ever with Sharp's SmartCentral mobile app! Sharp's free mobile app gives you new and intuitive ways to control what's on your TV. Nearly everything you do on your TV can be done from a mobile device.

MiraCast: MiraCast is a wireless display function that allows you to mirror the screen of a mobile device or laptop on another device, in this case the Sharp AQUOS SQ, in high-definition. MiraCast is currently supported by select Microsoft and Android devices.

Built-in Wi-Fi: Every Sharp Q+ has built-in Wi-Fi so you can wirelessly connect to the Internet and enable DLNA media sharing with other devices on your home network. Sharp AQUOS SQ DLNA Media Compatibility Chart

DLNA: DLNA is a wireless streaming feature that is available across several devices. DLNA allows you to use an existing wireless network, Wi-Fi, to stream media between devices. This means you can stream music, movies, and shows from anywhere in your home to your TV if both devices are on the same network.

Flash-Enabled Web Browser: Just like on a laptop, desktop PC, or mobile device, all browsers are created differently; some browsers require additional plug-ins or downloads so they're more compatible with certain elements and functions of some websites (generally sites with animations). Sharp AQUOS Q+ LEDs have a flash-enabled web browser; this means every website is bigger, better, and more beautiful than you'll ever see on another device.

Split-Screen Web + TV: The biggest issue with browsing the web while trying to watch TV is that your eyes will never be on both screens at the same time; this leads to missing important points in shows, movies, and sports broadcasts. With AQUOS Split-Screen Web + TV you can browse the web and order halftime refreshments without missing any action, web browsing takes place next to the broadcast.

AQUOS Advantage Live (AAL): AQUOS Advantage Live is Sharp's remote access, customer support service for your AQUOS TV. A team of expert advisors are on stand-by to remotely assist you with optimizing settings, adjusting your TV, checking connections, and testing signals. Sharp's goal is to ensure you have the best worry-free viewing experience.

Automatic Software Updates: Who doesn't hate to discover their electronics aren't working properly or they're working slower than normal because you failed to complete a software update? As long as your TV is connected to the Internet, the software will be automatically updated; no reminders or additional downloads needed.

Audio Features

Great movies are wasted without good sound to complete the experience. Try watching your favorite show or movie on mute! So we agree that audio processing is as important as video processing?

Speaker Layout: The AQUOS SQ series has (2) two down-firing speakers powered by a 20-watt amplifier. The AQUOS Q+ also has built-in audio enhancements so all your scenes sound as good as they look.

Auto Volume Control: Auto Volume Control, AVC, uses sophisticated software to measure and lower the volume of broadcast commercials so they match the volume of the movie/show.

Clear Voice: The SQ series will ensure you never miss anymore puns or pivotal points in movies or shows because the actor's voice is lower than the rest of the audio track? Clear Voice increases the volume of the dialogue in movies and shows so it's louder than the other ambient sounds.

Virtual Surround Sound: AQUOS Q+ TVs can receive DTS or Dolby surround sound signals and process them to create a simulated surround sound experience using the TV's on-board speakers; the surround signal can also be sent to an external AV receiver or speaker for further processing.

Wall Mount Setting: Sharp's wall mount setting automatically adjusts the audio settings to optimize audio output of a wall-mounted TV.

Inputs/Outputs: The audio inputs send audio signals to the TV for playback over the on-board speakers or it's sent through the outputs to an external amplifier or home theater system for further processing.

(3)Analog Audio Input: The Sharp AQUOS Q+ has a total of (3) three RCA analog audio inputs; they're "tied" to the composite and component video inputs, but you can still use them to receive an audio signal without a video connection. The analog audio inputs only carry a stereo audio signal.

3.5mm Audio Input: If you want to play audio from an external component, like an MP3 player or home theater PC, you'll use the 3.5mm auxiliary input on the TV; furthermore the signal can then be sent through one of the TV's audio outputs to an AV receiver or speaker system for further processing. A 3.5mm input only carries a stereo audio signal.

Digital Optical Output: Other than HDMI, the optical digital audio output is the only other connection on this TV that's cable of carrying a surround signal. In fact, you only need one digital audio output; the optical output will carry the audio signal from anything that plays on the TV to an external receiver or home theater system.

3.5mm Audio Output: Also as a headphone output; the 3.5mm analog audio output carries a stereo audio signal between the TV and another device.

Sharp AQUOS SQ Audio Outputs


Sharp TVs aren't just bigger, they offer more choices. Sharp allows you to go bigger than the "others" with their varying screen classes. Most manufacturers make 65-inch TVs and then jump to 75-inch TVs; many people can't spare nearly an extra foot of space. Sharp offers TV sizes that allow you to go bigger without going "overboard."

Slim LED TV: The AQUOS SQ has a slim and sleek design that fits more screen into less space. It has a thinner, diamond-cut bezel that gives it a more modern look and feel The design keeps the weight of the AQUOS Q+ under 100 lbs; once the base is removed the AQUOS Q+'s less than 3.5" thick.

Edge-Lit LED: Sharp AQUOS TV's sleek figure can be accredited to the edge-lit construction. Most LCD TVs have LEDs directly behind the screen; the AQUOS Q+ series has LEDs distributed evenly throughout the edges of the TV.

Wallpaper Mode: Wallpaper mode turns the SQ series into a full HD, digital picture frame. Wallpaper mode works on extremely low power and creates a "slide show" of your own photos or pre-installed art.

Wall-Mountable TV: Every Sharp AQUOS TV is VESA compliant; this makes it easier to find a compatible wall mount TV.

Mounting Pattern: 400mm x 400mm

Energy Star TV: Thanks to great development, engineering, and Quattron™ technology, the AQUOS Q+ is one of the brightest and most energy efficient TVs in its class.


Video Characteristics:

Refresh Rate 240Hz
Contrast Ratio 8,000,000:1

Audio Characteristics:

Other Audio Notes Bottom, Down Firing
Speaker Output 10W x 2

Inputs and Outputs:

3.5mm Mini Jack (1) Headphone Out; (1) PC Audio In
Composite Video Input 2 (1 Shared)
Wireless Connectivity Built-In Wi-Fi

Additional Options:

3D Glasses Included No - Requires Sharp AN-3DG40
Panel / Backlight Type Edge-Lit LED
Smart TV / Apps Platform SmartCentral™ 3.0 (2014)

Power Consumption:

Power Consumption when off Exceeds Energy Star Standards
Power Consumption when on Exceeds Energy Star Standards


Dimensions (H x W x D) - with stand 38.7" x 62.6" x 14.6"
Dimensions (H x W x D) - Shipping 43.2" x 68.6" x 10.1"
Weight - Shipping 106.9 lbs


Labor Warranty 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty - Extended Service Plans Available
Parts Warranty 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty - Extended Service Plans Available


  Average Customer Rating

Great TV

By: Craig
Date: Monday, April 14, 2014
I've had a Sony Bravia since 2007. A great TV but it was time for a change. After a lot of homework I decided on the Sharp 70 inch LC-70SQ15U. I purchased it from Paul's TV (a wonderful buying experience) and had it delivered and installed over the weekend. I hung it over the fire mantel. This TV is the cat's meow. The picture is excellent and the features are great. I especially enjoy the 3D. The only con is the speakers are not the best but I knew that going into the purchase. I already had a great surround sound system so that con is not significant but worth mentioning. On Paul's TV, the customer service was great. I got a great deal and they delivered it within a week of my purchase. Very happy customer.

2014 Sharp AQUOS LED TV Comparison Chart

2014 LED TVs SeriesAQUOS 4K
(THX Certified)
(6 Series)
2014 LED TV Models LC-70UD1U LC-60UQ17U
Available Sizes
70 60-70-80 60-70 60-70 60-70-80-90
Panel Display Technology Edge-Lit LED Edge-Lit LED Edge-Lit LED Edge-Lit LED Edge-Lit LED
Maximum Resolution Ultra HD 4K x 2K
(3840 x 2160)
Full HD 1080p
(1920 x 1080)
4K Playback
Full HD 1080p
(1920 x 1080)
4K Playback
Full HD 1080p
(1920 x 1080)
Full HD 1080p
(1920 x 1080)
Quattron Color Technology
THX Certified Display
Contrast Ratio 10,000,000:1 12,000,000:1 8,000,000:1 8,000,000:1 4,000,000:1
Refresh Rate 120Hz 240Hz 240Hz 240Hz 120Hz
AquoMotion AquoMotion 240 AquoMotion 960
Optical Picture Control
SmartCentral Smart TV
Dual-Core Processor
Built-in Wi-Fi
Web Browser
HDMI Inputs 4 4 4 4 4
USB Inputs 2 2 2 2 2
Speaker Power Rating 35W w/ Subwoofer 35W w/ Subwoofer 20W 20W 20W
Clear Voice
Active 3D
Bluetooth 3D Glasses 2 Pairs
2 Pairs Included Sold Separately
Energy Star Qualified

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