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LG 55LA7400 - 55" FULL HD 1080P LED TV

LG 55LA7400 55 Full HD 1080p LED TV
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LG 55LA7400 - 55" Full HD 1080p LED TV

Unbelievable Motion Clarity

The 55LA7400 is the big brother to the LA6400 LED TV series by LG. The LA7400 series is a family of Full HD 1080p, TruMotion 240Hz, 3D LED with Smart TVs from LG. Not only is it a 3D Smart TV, it is one of the few in LG’s line-up of LED Plus displays; the “Plus” is local dimming on this edge-lit LED TV. And while we’re on the subject of “edges” the 55LA7400 uses LG’s sleek Cinema Screen design that renders the display virtually edgeless. This 55" LED TV includes LG’s Magic Remote, unlimited content with built-in and downloadable applications, from streaming services like Netflix and Hulu Plus, built-in Wi-Fi, a full web browser, 2.1 sound with a built-in subwoofer and much more! The LA7400 series is available in 55- and 60-inch screen sizes.

Smart Can Be Simple

Access streaming services like Netflix and CinemaNow, or even stay connected with friend and family with Skype and Facebook right from your 55" Smart TV. With LG’s Smart TV interface and included Magic Remote you can quickly navigate and access thousands of streaming movies, shows and applications. Your Smart TV Dashboard can be customized for quick access to your favorite applications.
LG Smart TV with Remote

Endless Content at Your Fingertips

With your LG Cinema 3D with Smart TV you have access to a plethora of applications right on your TV. Pin your favorite social media apps, like Facebook and Twitter, or your favorite streaming applications like Netflix®, Hulu Plus®, CinemaNow, to the dashboard of your 55LA7400 for quick and easy access. LG Smart TV Apps

Your Media, Your Way, At Any Time

With an LG TV with SmartShare you have multiple ways to access your digital media from your TV with a compatible device. Wirelessly share all of your media from your PC, Smart phone, tablet, LG Cloud storage, or any other compatible device, directly from your Smart TV. The LG 55LA7400 makes it easy to share content with friends and family.
Man Surfing - Content Sharing with LG LED TVs


From the Theaters to Your Home

Experience LG’s award winning Cinema 3D technology. Cinema! Get it!? Think movie theater. LG brings the best of aspects of the movie theater 3D viewing experience right through your front door and into your home. LG Cinema 3D uses light-weight, inexpensive passive 3D glasses; just like the ones you get when viewing 3D in a theater. With LG Cinema 3D you get outstanding picture quality and amazing 3D effects.
3D Men Riding Motorcycles - LG Cinema 3D

Two-Player Split Screens on a Full Screen

Take your gaming to a whole new plane with LG’s 3D Dual Play. Split screens are no longer split, left and right or top and bottom, now the player on the left has a full 2D image, as well as the player on the right. Dual Play will work with virtually any gaming system as long as it has a split-screen, 2-player mode. Dual Play requires the use of two sets of special 3D glasses, LG F310DP, sold separately in a bundle.
LG Dual Play Glasses

Unlimited 3D Content

With many of the new films being released in 3D, there is still a lot of your content that is standard 2D. All of your content can now be seen in 3D on your LG 55LA7400 Cinema 3D LED with the simple push of a button. Pictures and movies can now be seen with additional depth and enhanced imaging. Underwater Scene- 2D to 3D Conversion on LG LED TV

The “Plus” is Local Dimming

One of the main contributing factors to amazing clarity and color detail is contrast. Contrast affects how deep and “inky” blacks appear and how warm and rich colors appear on-screen. The 55LA7400 incorporates local dimming to increase the contrast of light and dark images on-screen. The result is more color detail and amazing clarity regardless of the content being watched on-screen. LED Plus separates the pixels of the display into “zones” which are then monitored by on-board sensors that dim the backlights in “zones” that have darker images than the rest of the screen.
TV with Multi-Colored Balloons - LG LED Plus

Full HD 1080p with TruMotion 240Hz

Experience the detail that you’ve been waiting for to come along and save you from blurry lettering on players jerseys with the LG 55" LED TV. You want the best picture quality at all times; not just good until everything starts moving rapidly, with Full HD 1080p and TruMotion 240Hz motion blur is virtually eliminated. Experience details and color like never before.

Mountain Scene at Sunrise - LG 1080p Full HD Car in Motion - TruMotion 240Hz on LG LED TV

Picture Wizard

Now you can spend less time staring at a gray zebra and black elephant and more time enjoying your television. The times of “head-scratching” while calibrating your television is a thing of the past. The 55LA7400 comes loaded with a picture wizard. The picture wizard  gives you a step-by-step walk through process of optimizing your TV’s picture settings to ensure you receive the most accurate and vibrant colors possible.
Yellow Flowers- Picture Wizard on LG LED TV

Impressive Sound

Now you can experience brilliant audio with a powerful subwoofer to add depth and liveliness to all of your favorite shows. With 2.1 audio built into your display you’ll get rich, full audio comprised of (3) 2-way speakers. Take the booming exhilaration of a movie theater home with you. TV with Speakers - 2.1 Channel Sound on LG LED TV

Automatic Audio Optimizing

Smart Sound Mode automatically adjusts the audio on your LG 55LA7400 Smart TV so you get the full effect from your favorite shows and movies. Airplane, Soccer, & Music Scenes- LG TV Smart Sound Calibration


Where’s the Frame?

The new Cinema Screen design for the 55LA7400 3D Cinema LED is absolutely stunning. “Cinema” Screen encompasses the idea that movie theaters offer an edgeless display, why not your own personal TV. At first glance this television looks like it’s all panel without an edge. When the base is removed to mount the LED TV on a wall, it looks as if the image is created by sorcery in mid-air. Even when powered off, the new Cinema Screen design is beautiful; you have to see it for yourself. Borderless TV in Lake - LG Cinema Screen

Point and Click or Simply Speak

Your LG 55" Smart TV is paired LG’s intuitive Magic Remote. Okay, so maybe it’s not really magic, but selecting features and controlling the TV is as simple as waving your hand. Remote clicking is now a thing of the past. The LG Magic Remote allows you to control your Smart TV by waving the remote, using LG’s Voice Mate, or using the scroll wheel. Voice Mate recognizing your natural speech to use voice commands to change the channel, volume and even search for something to watch. Plus you’ll be able to control your entire home entertainment system, including your set-top box, with one remote.
TV & Girl with Microphone - LG Magic Remote with Gesture and Voice Control

Light-Weight, Battery-Free

With LG Cinema 3D you get the movie theater experience; which means flicker-free, battery-free, low cost glasses, just like the ones you get at the movie theaters, allowing you to outfit your family and friends for a movie night. The glasses are light-weight, comfortable, and inexpensive, plus LG includes 4 sets of glasses in the box with your 55LA7400 Cinema 3D with Smart LED TV.
LG Passive 3D Glasses

One Remote to Rule Them All

Control your entire home theater system and components with your LG CEC (Consumer Electronic Control) remote control. TV with Blu-ray and Speakers - LG Magic Remote

Energy Star Compliant

LG has included a suite of settings that will allow you to customize and adjust the energy consumption of your LED TV. The LG 55" LED TV is Energy Star compliant to ensure you save money yearly and make an impact on the environment.
Energy Star Logo and TV


  Average Customer Rating

All you need

By: Daisy
Date: Sunday, August 18, 2013
Got this tv on recommendation of sales person. Has all the fun stuff with a great picture. Love having wifi and plenty of viewing options within smart section (still waiting for Netflix subscription too) maybe I am easily impressed as I replace this tv with an old Sony wega but I don't know how you can top the set.


By: Garland Church
Date: Sunday, June 23, 2013
Expert Review by a Paul's Pro

The LG LA7400 is a beautiful piece of art HDTV with gorgeous crisp vibrant picture showing amazing depth and full booming audio and the most fun remote ever.

Smoking TV!

By: Evan Thomas
Date: Sunday, June 16, 2013
Expert Review by a Paul's Pro

The LA7400 is hands down the best 240hz smart tv you can get right now for the price. It's less than Samsung's F8000 and gives one of the best pictures of an LED.


By: fab5yo
Date: Tuesday, April 30, 2013
Well here it go . This tv is awesome in everyway. The picture sound apps 3d ect. There is nothing i can say that will make change my mind. As soon as you calibrate the tv done enjoy. Buy you will love it for sure


By: dwayne
Date: Tuesday, April 30, 2013
I look at several different brands with the same features and always came back to LG. This models offers everything that I want with the smart TV that allows my wife to surf the web on the TV. I'm now a hit with my grand kids with the 3D feature


Date: Saturday, April 20, 2013
The old TV went out so we were looking for a basic unit to replace. But once we set our eyes on this TV and with all it feature we were in love with this TV. Going on 2 months and no regrets and everyone that has seen it has fallen in love with the picture


By: tcasper10
Date: Saturday, April 06, 2013
my family loves this tv, we purchased several 3-D movies because we couldnt get enough of this feature. it has alot of extra features that i am just starting to learn. overall i am so happy and satisfied with this purchase.


By: Mike
Date: Monday, April 01, 2013
have last years lm 7600 didn't think it could b any better than that but the la 7400 is even better in every way

LG 7400

By: Clarence Strong
Date: Sunday, June 23, 2013
Expert Review by a Paul's Pro

For the Money the LG 7400 series is by far the best VALUE of any 2013 240hz LED. For those who love picture quality, great features, and a great price the 7400 is the way to go.

Good Value

By: James Navarette
Date: Tuesday, April 30, 2013
Expert Review by a Paul's Pro

Great TV under $2000, I love the swivel stand


By: Brandon Combs
Date: Thursday, April 04, 2013
Expert Review by a Paul's Pro

LG delivers a great product with their new 55LA7400. At 55 inches this model is not too small for a living room, or too large for a bedroom. Chock full of smart features, 3D, and 240hz this television is sure to please any owner in any setting


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