Mitsubishi WD73640 73" 1080p DLP TV
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Mitsubishi WD73640
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73" 120Hz 1080p DLP 3D HDTV


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Mitsubishi WD73640 73" 1080p DLP TV

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Bring 3D DLP Cinema Home

With picture performance that outpaces today’s smaller flat panels, Mitsubishi 3D DLP® Home Cinema TVs offer a larger than life, intensely vivid 2D and fully immersive 3D viewing experience. This 73” Mitsubishi 3D DLP Home Cinema TV delivers incredible picture performance at an exceptional value, and completely defines the large screen 3D entertainment category.

Mitsubishi 3D DLP Home Cinema TVs. Bring 3D DLP Cinema Home, Toda


A Fully, Immersive, Large Screen 3D Experience

Now you can view your favorite movies, sporting events or games in exciting 3D. Only Mitsubishi 3D DLP Home Cinema & LaserVue® HDTVs use the same 3D technology available at the cinema to bring you the ultimate 3D experience.


Plush 1080p™

 5G 12-Bit Video Processor


6-Color Processor

Mitsubishi’s 6-Color Processor™ gives you crisp, bright, realistic color. Experience whiter whites and a wider range of color like never before.





  Average Customer Rating

Wow what a T.V.

By: Fantasyboy1973
Date: Friday, December 16, 2011
I never thought of having my own theater at home,but now I do and I found the best for the money and size. I will refer anyone who would like to have a television this big to buy this set. I have had Mitsubishi in the past and for this 73"inch size the picture blows away anything else and I do not write very many reviews unless I am utterly blown away by performance quality and price. So in the end ....... Pros: 1.Picture size 2.Quality 3.Price Cons: Only one not enough HDMI inputs could use 2 more for the money...... Thank you and hope this helps, Fantasyboy1973

great buy for the price

By: sac sj
Date: Monday, November 07, 2011
best tv on the market the color n picture is great a must see tv

By: mhel
Date: Friday, October 21, 2011
this is my first time in my life to have a big screen t.v. and i really do love it.. at first, i was so hesitate to buy it, but finally.. of two weeks thinking of it.. i finally bought it.. when they deliver the t.v. in the house my kids won't help me to set it up.. because their dad just bought a very new lcd smart t.v. a 55' inches., my kids says that i just a waste the money for buying the 73' inches t.v. since that we just had one recently... i get mad at them for not helping me setting it up.. but at last,,they help....but when it done setting it up .. i was so amazed on the t.v. the picture ,, the color and the reception on it.. i said and i screamed,, oh my god!!! what a very nice t.v. ... and i don't even regret,, not a thing, for buying it... now,, my kids that don't want to help me setting it up.... ask me, what t.v. they watching it now????? my very own new mitsubishi 73' inches t.v.... i can not even watch my own t.v. they don't even use or watch the lcd flat sreen 55' inches.... thank you so much mitsubishi... you make me sooo happy!!!!!!

By: Anonymous
Date: Wednesday, October 12, 2011
worth the money..great picture..light..very suitable for t.v lovers Best Uses: Movies, Sports, Casual User (mostly watch TV shows), everything

Better than all of my LCD screens hands down

By: Anonymous
Date: Tuesday, October 11, 2011
I have 5 lcd tv's hanging on the walls in our home, over 700 DVD movies and cable. I have been researching the 70 inch lcd models that are just now hitting the market. 10/10/2011-- What I found was none of them are up to full speed yet, the LCD screens need the LED back screen to produce the better blacks. Four color tech is evolving and in short none of the flat screens are are near the picture quality yet!!!!- so as I researched more on when and what product will be 100%, I stumbled on to the old tech rear projection TV's. However the more I researched it the more this technology made sense. The DLP sets already have the tech to meet the 100% picture quality that all the other flat TV do not have. I was blown away by the facts, so I bought the older model Mitsubishi 73640 based on just the Facts over all other options. I hooked up every thing and turned it on and (omg) !!! All of my Teenagers have left their plasma/ LCD- tv's and camped out in front of this new set. My boys are watching star wars ??? and seeing details they never saw before and colors that blow you away. We watched Avatar as a family again and the details and colors made the movie come alive/ as opposed to the LCD and plasma set we watched them on before. In fact they are watching old movies all over again on this new DLP set as if were the first time they had seen them. here are the fact's: DLP Advantage Color Detail at 70 inches True blacks Fast motion LCD/ PLASMA Advantage Hang on the wall Brighter picture in very bright room They look cool and thin If you want the very best in quality picture at 70 inches or larger as of 10/10/2011 the DLP MITSUBISHI Products are the very best hands down. After years of buying and using the flat TV/LCD and Plasma they just don't compare to the picture quality from this DLP product.

U won't find a better TV for the money

By: WmJD
Date: Saturday, September 17, 2011
I have had my Mitsubishi DLP WD73640 TV for a month now. I am totally impressed everytime I turn it on. It' HUGE, but U don't notice the frame, only the screen. It is truly a theater experience. Movies, Sports, Everyday shows, even the News; look incredible. The picture is crisp and clear the motion is so smooth no blur or pixelation what so ever. The 6 color processor produces colors I've never seen on a tv before, and they are so vivid, it's beautiful. The 3D is completely immersive. I catch myself flinching as images jump off the screen and the depth looks great. We have an XBOX, surround sound. HD-DVR, & 3D Blu-ray player hook to it, super easy setup. Game play and DVDs are absolutely awesome. I researched every brand & type tv out there and for the money, I could not be happier. Thank You, Mitsubishi. Christmas came early this yr.

Great Buy!

By: falling in love all over again
Date: Tuesday, September 06, 2011
I have wanted to get a big screen tv for the longest of time. I did my research and compared tv's but something did not satisfy my viewing taste, until one day I went to visit my sister in another state and when I went into her basement and turned the corner and "whoowee" I was amazed at her big 82 inch and the stand it was on. And when I turned it on and saw the vivid colors, how real the people looked, the clarity, the real theater look and feeling, and the slim beautiful style I was sold and said to myself I got to get me one of those. Since then I have recently purchased a WD-736 series DLP 3D ready and my wife and I am so pleased with our purchase. We brought the tv for me to have in my own man cave but it seems I can't get her out because she love's my Mitsubishi more than me. If you want to fall in love again get a 82 or 73 inch Mitsubishi DLP TV with 3D and she will be their watching every basketball, football, boxing, baseball, and tennis. But every now then watch the WE channel, the Waltons, and a love with her on your new 82 or 73 inch Mitsubishi DLP 3D TV and she will even help you to take out the trash so the two of you can finish watching the sport programs the two of you now love.

Great Value and Picture

By: Big Von
Date: Wednesday, December 14, 2011
I must say for the most part I love this television. First is the screen size. 73" is a lot of tv. which if you're a fan of movies like me is a must. the user adjustable settings for video and audio are very easy to use, although I'm not a fan of the need to have to pay a professional to calibrate the settings for ADV1 and ADV2. but I've read that those settings are more user friendly on the 738 and 838 series. I'm not to sure about the 120hz processing either, since there's no way to access it to turn it off or on to see any real effects it has on the picture quality. Nevertheless if you're not into all that stuff and you just want a great big television at a really great price point this tv and all Mitsubishi televisions are gonna be really hard to beat. One more thing RPTV's don't have that "polished screen look you get from tv's with glass screens but don't let that throw you. the picture on this thing rocks. and the longer it plays the better it looks. I use cable broadcasting so I wont get a full 1080p pic, my providers HD broadcast is only 1080i and still this thing rocks. And once the blu ray is used this thing really handles it's business.


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