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4K - Ultra HD Televisions

Ultra HD 4K Televisions

4K Televisions are a new display resolution, not new display technology, that delivers four times the picture resolution of full HD 1080p. Until mass production of OLEDs begins, 4K televisions are all LED-based displays. 4K resolution compiles four times the detail into any given image - imagine drawing on a canvas with a tool, with a 1" radius, until you run out of space; now repeat the steps with a tool that has a radius of 0.25". If done correctly, you should be able to get much more detail in the same amount of space.

As we previously mentioned, 4K Ultra HD TVs are still LED-based televisions; this means you can expect similar features and comparable motion performance. However, being that 4K TVs have more pixels, they typically require more stronger and faster processors and many have built-in 4K resolution upscaling - everything you watch will be upscaled to near ultra high-definition quality. Most 4K televisions will feature a Smart TV interface and even 3D. A 4K television does require more power to run, so they're not as energy-efficient as their full HD siblings. 4K TVs offer one of the most immersive and exhilarating viewing experiences available. For the best 4K Ultra HD LED TVs, shop at Paul's TV.

Featured Product Videos

Samsung Curved UHD TV

Get right in the middle of the action with Samsung's new Curved 4K Ultra HD LED Televisions. Samsung's curved LED TVs feature a cinematic curve, comparable to the curve experience in movie theaters; it allows you to be a part of the action.


Sharp introduces the world's first THX certified 4K television. This television has undergone rigorous test to ensure the quality meets or exceeds THX requirements, this means exquisite 2D and 3D, plus unprecedented 4K resolution.

LG Ultra HD TV

LG's Ultra HD 4K televisions are truly a work of art. What sets the LG 4K Ultra HD apart from the others? Design! LG's design transforms their amazing televisions into digital picture frames for all your favorite content.