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Sharp LC-70UD1U - 70" 4K Ultra HD LED TV

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  • Four Times the Resolution of 1080p
  • Built-in 4K Resolution Upscaler
  • SmartCentral Smart TV
  • THX® 4K Certified LED Display
  • AquoMotion 240
  • Super-Thin Aluminum Bezel
  • 2.1 Channel - 35W Speaker System
  • Active 3D - 2 Pairs of Glasses Included

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Product Overview

Sharp LC-70UD1U - 70" 4K Ultra HD LED TV

AQUOS 4K:Certified Amazing!

Sharp 4K TV - LC-70UD1U

Sharp's AQUOS 4K Ultra HD is held to a much higher standard of picture performance than standard LED TVs. The AQUOS 4K offers four times the resolution of full HD, backed with a THX certification; this means your favorite shows and movies are four times sharper and more realistic. It's not just amazing - it's certified amazing!

To engineer the ultimate THX-certified picture experience, Sharp needed to perfect three things:

  • Panel Structure: The AQUOS 4K needed to deliver high contrast without diminishing picture and color quality.
  • Processing: Accurately portraying motion across 8 million pixels is not a simple task. The display must be able to do this as fast and accurate as possible for fluid motion, sharper images, and reduced blur.
  • Color: Since the first LCD TV was developed, there has been a constant struggle to perfect color accuracy. The goal was to create a display that ensures you see the image closest to what the director intended.

After Sharp perfected the LC-70UD1U, they tested it - THX Ltd. runs more than 400 rigorous test against picture performance, including video-scaling, color accuracy and range...virtually every aspect of the TVs operational performance. The AQUOS 4K Ultra HD LED was the first TV to earn a THX 4K certification, meeting or exceeding the highest standards in picture performance. The built-in resolution upscaler renders images from any home theater component–Blu-ray, DVD, cable, and even streaming media devices–and produces pictures with UHD resolution.

Sharp's 70" 4K LED is loaded with Sharp's SmartCentral, Smart TV user interface, that lets you connect with your favorite constant. Get instant access to hundreds of applications, streaming movies and music, games and more; built-in Wi-Fi allows wireless connection to your home network. The AQUOS 4K is powered by a dual-core processor; this gives you faster loading times for apps and the built-in web browser.

Picture Quality

Sharp AQUOS 4K - Best Ultra HD TV of 2014

4K Ultra HD LED TV: Sharp didn't have to work hard to create a great Ultra HD 4K TV; they simply took their already stunning AQUOS picture technology and increased the pixel count by four - giving this 70" LED four times the pixel resolution of full HD. This is achieved by reducing the size of the pixels; it gives the TV more clarity, along with greater detail and depth.

THX Certified Ultra HD 4K TV: Unlike every other 4K TV "popping" up on the market, Sharp's 70" Ultra HD LED TV was the first of its kind with a certified THX experience. It makes sense; why would you want a resolution that's better than cinema quality, without a "certified" experience? A 4K TV with a THX certification meets or exceeds THX's high-fidelity standards. The LC-70UD1U successfully passed over 400 tests to ensure it meets the extremely high standards of THX in three categories: Screen Uniformity, Color Performance, and Detail.

Revelation 4K Upscaler: 4K Ultra HD is a new resolution that doesn't have much content available; that's okay because the LC-70UD1U can upscale all your favorite content to 4K quality. Sharp's 4K TV uses a two-step upscaling process; first, the dual-core processor adjusts the signal for optimum picture quality. Next, the Revelation upscaler analyzes and further enhances the content to create a vivid 4K image. You'll see "hidden" details in movies, TV shows, games, even YouTube videos.

AQUOMOTION 240: See a sharper image and more electrifying action with Sharp's AQUOMOTION 240 backlight scanning technology. AQUOMOTION effectively multiplies the panel's 120Hz refresh rate to deliver images that are crystal clear, even during fast-motion scenes.

Active 3D: Sharp's active 3D technology offers twice the resolution and detail of passive 3D technology. You'll watch as every scene comes to life for a truly immersive experience.

2D to 3D and 3D to 2D Conversion: Sharp's 3D success can be attributed to their active shutter glasses. Sure, the TV can convert everything to a 3D image, so can every other 3D TV. Sharp's 3D glasses can actually convert a 3D image to 2D! Flip the switch on the side of Sharp's 3D glasses and instead of a 3D image, the glasses will create a perfect 2D experience. With a Sharp 3D LED TV, everyone gets what they want.

Sharp 4K TV Input Panel
Sharp 4K TV SD Card Slot

Inputs/Outputs: Sharp's 70" 4K TV features multiple inputs, including an SD card slot, so you can enjoy all your favorite content regardless of physical/digital form factor. With so many connection options, your Ultra HD LED TV can expand along with future video sources.

HDMI (4): All four HDMI inputs on Sharp's 4K TV are capable of receiving a 4K signal. HDMI allows you to use a lot of features that are exclusive to an HDMI input, like MHL and ARC.

ARC: HDMI 1 allows you to take advantage of thise feature. ARC, or Audio Return Channel, allows an audio signal to be sent upstream to the TV, as well as downstream to external audio components. Before ARC, audio could only be sent downstream via HDMI, this required multiple connections if your AV equipment was connected to your home theater receiver. With ARC, that same audio stream can now be sent back to the TV for playback through the TVs dedicated speakers. ARC essentially allows an audio signal to travel both directions, to and from your TV from an external audio source.

MHL: HDMI 4 allows you to use MHL, or Mobile High-Definition Link. This allows you to play music, movies, and images from your mobile device on your TV; this an effective means of "tethered," or "wired," streaming.

Component: Component video inputs can carry a full HD signal; however, they can only carry stereo audio (left and right) to your TV. But thanks to virtual surround sound integration, Sharp 4K TVs can create a virtual sound environment using a stereo, 2-channel, audio signal.

VGA PC Input: You can technically use an HDMI input to connect your computer to your TV for video playback; this will carry a lossless surround sound signal. The PC input, VGA, allows you to connect your PC to your TV without any additional adapters needed, just a VGA cable. Since VGA doesn't carry an audio signal, you'll need to connect the audio via the dedicated audio input on your TV.

Composite: The composite video input can only carry a standard definition signal with 2-channel, stereo, audio. The built-in resolution upscaler still increases the resoltion; however, the quality of the conversion depends on the quality of the source sending the signal. Don't expect greatness from an upscaled composite input image.

USB (2): The USB input is capable of photo, music, and video playback of your favorite content. With 4K photo playback, you'll be able to see amazing clarity and detail from your 8MP images.

SD Card Reader: The SD card reader is a rare treat for a television indeed, there aren't many televisions that ship with a built-in SD card reader. The SD card reader functions the same way as the USB input. With the USB input, you'd have to connect your device directly to your TV, via USB cable, to view your media. However, with an SD card slot on your TV, you can simply remove your card from your device and insert it into the SD card slot on your TV.

Compatibility chart for Sharp 4K LED TVsPC Compatibility Chart for Sharp 4K TVsUSB and SD card slot compatibility chart for Sharp 4K TVs

Smart Features

Sharp's SmartCentral - Streaming Media Applications

SmartCentral™: Sharp's 70" 4K UHD LED TV features their SmartCentral user interface; this newly designed and customizable UI allows you to search the web for content on your TV, in an easy to use Smart TV platform. From the home page, you have access to the built-in Web browser and streaming applications, like Netflix and Hulu Plus. SmartCentral is your gateway to a world of unlimited content.

Most Popular Apps: More of the applications you love are now accessible through Sharp's SmartCentral™ platform. You'll gain instant access to streaming services like Pandora and netflix, social sites like Facebook and Twitter, some of the best gaming on a television, and make voice and video calls via Skype™; all the things you love are just a click away.

Built-in Web Browser: Sharp's THX certifed 4K TV has a built-in web browser that allows you to access the Internet in all its glory. You'll be able to visit your favorite website with a "monitor" that's as big as life itself.

Split-Screen Web+TV: Sharp has taken the split-screen feature that's built into premium TVs to a new level. Sharp Smart TVs allow you to engage the Web browser and split the screen so you can continue watching your favorite program while you order a pizza. Curious whether or not an actor in a movie you're watching today is the same from the movie you saw last week? Engage the web browser while watching the program for a quick answer.

Flash-Enabled: Not all browsers are created equally, many website render differently depending on the browser and the website. Many suffer because they lack Flash support, not Sharp's 4K TV! Sharp's UHD TV will display Flash-based animations and websites just like your desktop or laptop PC.

Dual-Core Processor: The LC-70UD1U features a blazing-fast dual-core processor; the processor helps improve loading times of web pages and applications, enables multi-tasking, and helps streamline the 4K-Upscaling process. Now you can spend time enjoying content, instead of waiting for it to load.

Built-in Wi-Fi: Every Sharp Smart TV has built-in Wi-Fi technology so you can connect to the Internet without any additional cables. Sharp makes is very easy to enjoy your favorite content.

Audio Features

Speaker Layout: Sharp's 4K ultra HD TV features a powerful front-firing 35-watt, 2.1 sound system, that's capable of simulating surround sound to complement your THX experience. The 2.1 channel system is comprised of 6-speakers, total; 2 left and right tweeters, 2 left and right midranges, and powerful dual subwoofers, all built right into the cabinet of the television.

Surround Sound Processing: What's the purpose of THX certified picture quality without the thunderous audio that's normally equated to a cinematic viewing experience? There isn't any purpose. Sharp's 4K TV is capable of simulated surround sound playback; it can also send and receive a Dolby Digital or DTS surround sound signal. Surround sound is the perfect round-house finish to an immaculate picture quality.

Sharp THX 4K LED TV's Duo Bass Subwoofer

Audio Enhancements: Sharp's also included a few other neat "tricks" to enhance your TVs audio right out-the-box.

Clear Voice: This feature uses highly sophisticated algorithms to increase the volume of on-screen dialoge. There's nothing worse than missing the witty puns from the hero in your favorite action movie because he blew up a train station. Clear Voice "pulls" out the vocals so they're heard over all other ambient noises. Now you'll clearly hear your hero when he says, "I guess he got his ticket punched!"

Wall Mount Setting: This setting selects the opimal audio settings for your wall-mounted television

Auto Volume Control: There was an act passed in the fourth quarter of 2012, which has failed to see 100% compliancy, call the CALM Act. The CALM Act requires television broadcasters to match the volume of commercials with the volume of the show you're watching on TV. You know from your everyday viewing this issue is still running rampant with broadcast television. Sharp's response is an algorithms that measures and adjusts the volume of the content being played through the TVs speakers for quiter commercials and uniform volume.

Inputs/Outputs: Sharp added a variety of audio inputs and outputs to the LC-70UD1U so you can enjoy your viewing experience as comfortable and worry-free as possible.

Fiber Optic Digital Audio Out: The fiber optic digital output allows your Sharp 4K TV to transmit a full surround sound audio signal to external components like an AV receiver, home-theater-in-a-box (HTiB) system, or even an external soundbar.

3.5mm Audio Output: If you'd like to connect a set of headphones or any other audio device that can receive an audio signal from an external component, like a soundbar speaker system. This audio output can only carry a stereo, or 2-channel, signal.

3.5mm Audio Input: This input is dedicated for PC audio into the television.


The 70UD1U features a new, sleek, metallic black frame with an arc stand. Surprisingly, the new slim design still leaves ample room for the speakers-in-front-design; this design increases audio output from the smaller television cabinet. The result is a more robust sound with a smaller footprint.

Wallpaper Mode: Even when powered off, the LC-70UD1U looks amazing. Wallpaper mode works just like a screen saver on a desktop or laptop PC. The screensaver works on extremely low power and turns your TV into an AQUOS 4K Ultra HD LED picture frame. When wallpaper mode is engaged, you can view pre-installed artwork or your own photos with musuem-like experience.

Table of compatible file formats for Sharp 4K LED TV

Convenience Features

Sharp Remote Control App: Sharp's remote control application is available for Android- and iOS-based smartphones and tablet PCs. The Sharp remote control application makes it easier to navigate your 4K TV, find content, and keep up with your favorite shows, movies, and games.

Sharp Beam: Sharp Beam allows you to wirelessly share content from your mobile device with your TV. Simply open the application and swipe, or flick, your media from you smartphone or tablet towards you Sharp TV.

Netflix Second Screen: This feature incorporates the Sharp Beam functionality with Netflix's platform. You can use your smart phone or tablet PC to find and select your favorite movie or show on Netflix, but watch it on your big screen TV.

AQUOS Advantage: There's one major reason to buy a Sharp LED TV…AQUOS Advantage! This complementary service is available for everyone who owns a Sharp HDTV. This service includes remote access customer support, a trained Sharp AQUOS advisor that will remotely connect to your 4K TV, via the Internet, to assist with setup options, troubleshooting, and they'll even help you optimize your picture settings.

Included Accessories: In the box with your Sharp AQUOS 4K TV, you'll receive 2 pairs of active 3D glasses and a universal remote control. You can extend the ways to control your TV beyond a universal remote control or smart phone remote control application. You can use a wired or wireless mouse and keyboard to navigate your television. This is possible via the USB port or the built-in Bluetooth function.

Sharp AQUOS 4K Pedestal Design

Product Specifications

Weight - Shipping143.3 lbs.
Screen Size70"
Power Consumption when offExceeds Energy Star Standards
Power Consumption when onExceeds Energy Star Standards
Speaker Output10W x 2 +15W (w/Duo bass)
Contrast Ratio10,000,000:1
Refresh Rate120Hz, AquoMotion 240
Native Resolution4K Ultra HD
Number of Side / Front HDMI Connections0
Number of Rear HDMI Connections4
Labor Warranty1 Year Manufacturer Warranty - Extended Service Plans Available
Parts Warranty1 Year Manufacturer Warranty - Extended Service Plans Available
Photo Card ReaderNo
Ethernet ConnectionYes
Coaxial Input (Ant.)Yes
Component Video InputYes
Other Audio NotesBottom, Front Facing
3.5mm Mini JackPC Audio / Headphone Out
Optical Digital OutputYes
USB Input2
Dimensions (H x W x D) - Shipping42.8" x 70.4" x 11.1"
Dimensions (H x W x D) - with stand39.1" x 62.1" x 16.5"
Dimensions (H x W x D) - without stand37.4" x 62.1" x 4.5"
Weight - With Stand121.3 lbs.
Weight - Without Stand103.6 lbs.
Wireless ConnectivityBuilt-In Wi-Fi
Composite Video Input2
Headphone JackYes
3D - Active / PassiveActive
3D Glasses IncludedYes - 2 Pair (AN-3DG40)
DLNA CertifiedYes
Dual Core ProcessorYes
Included Remote ControlUniversal
ISFccc ReadyNo
Panel / Backlight TypeLED-Edge Lit
Smart TV / Apps PlatformYes
Speaker / Surround Processing2.1 Channel Duobass Audio System
THX CertifiedYes
Web BrowserYes
Resolution UpscalerRevelation™ 4K Upscaling

Product Videos

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews


Very nice 4k TV for the money



I was looking all over the place for a good TV. I wound up reading Cnet and Poc Tech Blog's review of the Sharp 90 incher and was in awe by the idea of owning a 90 inch TV. Sadly, the price tag was higher than I was looking to spend. I ended up looking for smaller sizes to be more reasonable. Then it was a toss up between the 80 inch (waiting for it to come down in price) or getting one of these 4K's. I wound up readin Poc's review (http://pocinc.net/blog/product-reviews/review-sharp-70-inch-4k-3d-aquos-ultra-hdtv-lc-70ud1u) as we as a few others such as Cnet and a couple forums and wound up dropping another 10 inches in exchange for 70. In the end, I wound up finding out 70 worked great for the room and seating distance. I was happy to go with 4k vs 1080, even though I don't have anything in 4k. The quality is still there with the up-scaling. Now I have a new TV while also future proofing my investment a little. Beats paying $10,000+ on a 4k.


awesome TV



We've only had our 70" ultra HD sharp for a couple days and love it. it's like watching TV/movies in a movie theater. The television upconverts blu ray/HD programming to somewhere between HD and ultra HD...i.e. excellent picture. clear, crisp and great colors. the standard Television picture isn't upconverted, but we knew that going into the purchase. We are definitely pleased with the purchase so far and would recommend this 70 ultra HD TV to anyone


New 4K Sharp TV



This is going to be difficult to review and most likely long. I'm not sure many of these are out yet and I've only had it about a week. Let me preface this by saying this is a replacement tv for a Pioneer Elite 70" I had the Elite for just over a year when it developed a blue vertical line on the screen. The problem was Sharp had bought the Elite technology from Pioneer after they decided to get out of the TV business. This meant I had to go through Sharp for a fix. Since the Elite had a two year warantee I figured I was good. My dealer contacted Sharp with pictures I took and after several calls it was decided they would give a credit toward a new set or a refurbished Elite. Sharp said they had no new parts to make new TV's so the choice was easy. Although I loved the Elite (my second Elite I've owned and I loved both) I wasn't going to take someones problem TV.

I looked at a Sony 4K in 65" (no 70" in the lineup), a Sony LED 65" (an earlier model), and the Sharp 70" 4K. All of the sets looked great. Since I was used to the Elite the Sony's seemed to have a similar picture quality. I believe this to be the glass used is similar in that it is shinier than the Sharp which is more of a matte finish. After much waffling I chose the Sharp due to it being the same size as my Elite and it was also a 4K set.

Okay, history lesson over and on to the picture quality.

So far I do like the color and picture quality of the Sharp. As noted the colors do look a bit softer than what I was used to but I think over time I will forget this issue. I only have Direct TV standard signal now but tomorrow I'm having high def put in so I'll update this when I am seeing a better picture. As it is the picture is very good with even skin tones and detailed shadow detail. The blacks are very good as well. There are many color and picture changes that can be made to suite your needs. I have left mine set where they had it when I previewed in their store. It seems to be the best for my eyes but everyone sees color differently.

Is this TV a quality product? Yes. Is it better than my Elite? Yes and No. Even though the Elite technology is almost two years old it still had a picture to rival any TV out there. Still the Sharp has future technology with the 4K ability. Even though there is no native content right now you have to believe when it does appear this TV will shine as good as the Elite. Is this TV expensive? Yes as any new technology is and like the Elite was when it came out.

This TV also has built in speakers which are fine but I will be using my surround system. It has many connection options and has built in wi-fi for everyone with a high speed connection. Is there value for the money? It depends on your point of view. Are you someone that wants the newest and best as soon as it comes out? Do you care about the actual color and picture quality? Do you watch a lot of Blue Ray DVD's? 3D? Or is your TV watching casual or have only off air broadcast signals?

The bottom line is I gave it only 4 stars and only because I haven't seen 4K content yet and have only had it less than two weeks. I will try to update this soon. I may bump it to 5 stars once I see how the upscalling works on a high def signal and the actual 4K demo being installed tomorrow. I hope this review helped some of you.

Added 11-14-13 to above review.

I must say it was pretty amazing to see 4K content. I've seen it on a Sony demo before and was impressed and this TV looked just as good. The depth of color and detail are amazing. I can't wait until providers start carrying content.

I also had High Def Direct TV installed today as well. I didn't have much time to watch but from what little I did see it looked pretty darn good too. Much better than the standard definition I was getting before. This TV is supposed to upsample content to simulate (if that's the right word) better than regular High Def. The color depth again looked great from the little I had time to preview.

In the end I'd boost my rating to 4 1/2 stars as I feel 5 stars is almost unattainable. Except in the case of the Elite I used to have. ;)

November 15, 2013

Okay, my last update I promise. I finally had time to watch the Sharp with a High Def signal last night and tonight. I am totally blown away by the depth of color and sharpness in detail. I only wish I'd had the High Def signal when I still had the Elite so the comparison would be fair. I'm sure the Elite would have held its own but the Sharp looks really amazing. The upscaling, if that is what makes this set look so good, seems to work as stated. I will have to give this TV 5 stars now. It just can't be helped. I think anyone that wants the latest technology in a large screen will be happy with the set. Maybe more than happy now that I've seen just how well this TV can perform.
More Info
[Comparison Chart]

2014 Sharp AQUOS LED TV Comparison Chart

2014 LED TVs SeriesAQUOS 4K
(THX Certified)
(6 Series)
2014 LED TV Models LC-70UD1U LC-60UQ17U
Available Sizes
70 60-70-80 60-70 60-70 60-70-80-90
Panel Display Technology Edge-Lit LED Edge-Lit LED Edge-Lit LED Edge-Lit LED Edge-Lit LED
Maximum Resolution Ultra HD 4K x 2K
(3840 x 2160)
Full HD 1080p
(1920 x 1080)
4K Playback
Full HD 1080p
(1920 x 1080)
4K Playback
Full HD 1080p
(1920 x 1080)
Full HD 1080p
(1920 x 1080)
Quattron Color Technology
THX Certified Display
Contrast Ratio 10,000,000:1 12,000,000:1 8,000,000:1 8,000,000:1 4,000,000:1
Refresh Rate 120Hz 240Hz 240Hz 240Hz 120Hz
AquoMotion AquoMotion 240 AquoMotion 960
Optical Picture Control
SmartCentral Smart TV
Dual-Core Processor
Built-in Wi-Fi
Web Browser
HDMI Inputs 4 4 4 4 4
USB Inputs 2 2 2 2 2
Speaker Power Rating 35W w/ Subwoofer 35W w/ Subwoofer 20W 20W 20W
Clear Voice
Active 3D
Bluetooth 3D Glasses 2 Pairs
2 Pairs Included Sold Separately
Energy Star Qualified