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Samsung UN65F9000 65 4K Ultra HD LED TV
  • UN65F9000 65 4K Ultra HD LED TV
  • Samsung F9000 45° Viewing Angle
  • Samsung F9000 180° Viewing Angle
  • Samsung F9000 Rear Panel View
  • Samsung F9000 Built-in Pop-Up Camera

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Samsung UN65F9000 - 65" 4K Ultra HD LED TV

The Samsung UN65F9000 may be on the cutting edge of TV technology, but this TV offers more than unmatched picture quality at a 4K ultra high definition resolution. It also offers a variety of features that you can't get from any other manufacturer. The F9000 series is also available in a 55" screen size and if you're looking for a larger screen, check out the 85" S9.

Graph Showing How 4K Compares to Other Resolutions

Picture Quality

4K Ultra HD Resolution: Remember when you had to sit 10 feet away from a big screen to avoid seeing pixels? With a 4K resolution, you'll never have to do that again. With more than 8 million pixels—four times the number of pixels in a 1080p TV—you can sit as close to the set as you want and immerse yourself in the lifelike and crystal clear image.

Many people have reservations regarding 4K technology, namely that there isn't enough content available and there is no standard for delivering that content at this time. While it's true that you will want to watch content that isn't native 4K, that doesn't mean you have to settle for subpar video quality. That's where 4K upscaling comes in.

4K Upscaling: Not all content is available in a 4K resolution yet, and there are plenty of non-4K movies, TV shows, and games that you want to watch on your ultra HDTV. That's not a problem with 4K upscaling. This 65" 4K TV takes all lower resolution content and upscales it to near-4K quality.

Chart Showing How 4K Upscaling Works

4K Standard Future Proof: No one wants to invest in a new technology only to have it become obsolete in a year or two when new standards are released. Samsung has taken that into account with the F9000's One Connect Box. When updates become available, all you have to do is plug the box into your TV and it will be updated with the latest software and technology. This will ensure that your TV conforms to UHD standards as they are released and improve its overall performance. As of July 2013, Samsung is the only manufacturer who guarantees that your UHDTV will work flawlessly with native 4K content.

Schedule of UHD tech standardization
As of July 2013, there aren't any broadcast or Blu-ray standards for 4K playback. The only manufacturer to address this is Samsung with their Evolution kit.

240Hz Refresh Rate: A 240Hz refresh rate panel helps your ultra HDTV create a smoother image. TVs recreate images based on the signal sent by the display. An image displayed at 60 frames per second (fps) is sampled 4 times, while an image displayed at 24fps is sampled 10 times. The Samsung UN65F9000 can play up to UHD/24p, which is ultra high definition at 24fps. Playing back every frame rate means that this 65" UHD LED TV gives you a smooth image.

Clear Motion Rate (CMR) 1200: This 65" LED boasts a CMR 1200 motion clarity rating. CMR is a more accurate way to measure motion that takes into account more than just the refresh rate; it also factors in image processor speed and backlight technology (e.g., local dimming). TVs with a higher CMR perform better when playing fast-action sports, movies, and video games. A CMR of 1200 means that this 65" LED handles motion 20 times better than Samsung's entry-level LED.

Micro-Dimming Ultimate: Micro-Dimming Ultimate gives you an How Micro-Dimming Worksimage that is true to life by maximizing the contrast between the light and dark areas on the screen. The image is separated into dimmable "zones" and the brightness is adjusted for brighter whites and deeper dark tones. "Ultimate" means that twice the number of zones in an image are scanned, resulting in a clearer picture with vivid, realistic detail and color reproduction.

Precision Black Local Dimming: Precision Black Local Dimming dims the LEDs behind the dark areas of the picture to boost contrast and dark levels without affecting the bright elements of the picture.

Full HD 3D and 3D: The UN65F9000 is a 3D-capable 4K TV. Since there isn't a standard yet for 4K 3D content, it is displayed at a Full HD 1080p resolution. The F9000, like all 3D Samsung TVs, uses active 3D technology. The shutter lens 3D glasses are synced to the TV and don't filter any lines of resolution for an impressive 3D-viewing experience.

2D to 3D Conversion: This 65" LED not only upscales all your content to near-UHD quality; it also gives you an endless amount of 3D content. If an image can be displayed on your TV, then it can be converted into 3D.

Wide Color Enhancer: Samsung's Wide Color Enhancer improves gradation when the color range is expanded. That means that you are seeing the entire RGB color spectrum on the screen for colors that are bold and vibrant, yet natural looking.

Ultra Clear Panel: The Ultra Clear Panel absorbs ambient light to eliminate reflections and glare. The result is enhanced color and contrast with vibrant colors and deeper blacks.

Inputs/ Outputs: The 65" Ultra HD LED TV has a wide range of inputs for all of your current and future components. The best part about the inputs/outputs in the F9000 is that they are on the One Connect Box, not the TV.

One Connect Box: The One Connect Box is essentially a hub that you plug your components into. This reduces cable clutter and makes it easy and convenient to change home theater components. Inputs/outputs include HDMI, component, and AV.

  HDMI Cable HDMI: The 65" Ultra HD 4K TV has 4 HDMI inputs on the One Connect Box. With 4K content, you need a high-speed HDMI cable or a high-speed HDMI cable with Ethernet. This lets you receive a 4K signal, transmit a 3D signal, and take advantage of ARC functions. It also supports MHL.
  MHL - Mobile High Definition Link

MHL: The MHL, or Mobile High-Definition Link, makes it possible to share HD video, audio, and image files from your mobile device to your TV. MHL is only available through the HDMI (MHL) port.

  Component Cable

Component: The component input uses the analog audio cables from the AV cable, along with its own RGB cables. Component input is just as good as HDMI when it comes to video; however, HDMI is capable of carrying a lossless 5.1 or greater audio signal, while component relies on the analog audio signal. These cables are color coded, so all you have to do is match them with the corresponding input.

  AV Cable AV: There are (2) AV inputs on your UN65F9000. While these may be convenient, they don't offer the same picture quality as HDMI or even component. One input is dedicated for the AV signal and the other is shared with the component input.

Smart TV Features

Smart Hub: With a new and improved user interface, it is easier than ever to discover new content with Samsung's Smart Hub. The best improvements are the 5 content panels and S-Recommendation.

The 5 content panels include:

  • On TV
  • Movies and TV Shows
  • Social
  • Apps
  • Your Photos, Videos, and Music

These 5 panels, along with S-Recommendation, lets you spend less time searching for something to watch and more time enjoying content in UHD.

Smart Interaction: Smart Interaction is back this year and is better than ever. If you were skeptical last year and felt like you had to shout across the room to change the channel or endlessly wave and clench your fists to decrease the volume, you'll appreciate the improvements that Samsung made to this feature. With the introduction of a quad-core processor, an improved camera, and a few extra tweaks here and there, Smart Interaction is smooth and seamless. It includes motion control, voice control, and facial recognition.

Motion Control: Last year, people weren't too fond of Samsung's motion control. It was a work in progress and would often jump and stutter. This year, it received an upgrade and is worth checking out. It now uses everyday gestures that don't feel awkward at all, resulting in an experience that is almost like using a touch-screen.

Voice Control: Voice control is back and improved. The microphone is built into the Smart Touch remote, but you can also download and use the Samsung Remote Control application on your smartphone or tablet. The voice control feature is useful for issuing commands, browsing the web, and even finding new content with S-Recommendation.

Natural Language: You no longer need to say awkward, robotic phrases like "Find me movies featuring Tom Cruise" to get the results you want. Instead, you can say, "I'm bored. I want to watch a Tom Cruise Movie."

Facial Recognition: Samsung's facial recognition software is easy to use. All of your settings, recommendations, and content are saved on Samsung's cloud server, so you can use facial recognition to log into a friend's Smart TV and watch your content. Don't worry about logging out when you leave—the TV will automatically log you out when you are out of the camera's line of sight.

Built-In Camera: The built-in, pop-up camera is located at the top of the screen and needs to be turned on to use features like motion control, facial recognition, and Skype phone calls. When the camera is not in use, it is disabled.

Built-In Camera on F9000 Built-In Camera on F9000 Closeup

S-Recommendation: S-Recommendation is Samsung's new way to find content. It isn't just smart; it pulls recommended content from every possible source, including the Internet, streaming services, and broadcasts from your cable or satellite provider. Recommendations are provided based on your Samsung account or viewing habits.

Samsung Account: If you have a Samsung account, the TV will create a customized viewing profile based on the content you like to watch. Your profile is automatically disconnected when you leave the room, and you can take it with you wherever you go. This means that you can log into your account on your friend's Samsung TV and access all of your recommendations.

Viewing Habits: You don't have to have a Samsung account to use S-Recommendation. When you don't have an account, a profile is created based on the content you watch throughout the day. If you watch the news in the morning and sports at night, S-Recommendation will suggest CNN or Fox News in the morning and ESPN at night. If you don't have a Samsung account, your recommendations are limited to the TV.

Samsung Apps: Samsung has free and premium apps available for download. They are designed to work specifically with your television and are divided into six categories:

  • Videos: Video apps let you stream movies, TV shows, and short videos. It includes Hulu Plus, Netflix, Vudu HD Movies, Amazon Instant Video, and more.
    Samsung Video Apps, Including Netflix, Hulu Plus, Vudu, Amazon
  • Games: This category lets you play your favorite games—both old and new. It includes classics like the Game of Life, Monopoly, and UNO, as well as newer games like Angry Birds.
    Samsung Games Apps, Including Tetris, Uno, Shrek, Monopoly, Life
  • Sports: Get updates, scores, and even fitness tips from sports apps like MLB.TV, ESPN ScoreCenter, yoga guides, and more.
    Samsung Sports Apps, Including ESPN, MLB.TV, UFC TV, Golf World
  • Lifestyle: Manage your online presence and media right from your TV with apps like Facebook, Twitter, Pandora, Skype, and more.
    Samsung Lifestyle Apps, Including Pandora, Messaging, Facebook, MTV
  • Information: Keep up with the weather, news, stocks, and more with apps like, USA Today, AP News Ticker, and more.
    Samsung Information Apps, Including AccuWeather, SPSN, Yahoo, USA Today, Yellow Pages
  • Education: This category has apps for both children and adults and is perfect for people who wish to further their education in an unconventional manner. Apps include Giggly Phonics, Guitar Chords, Today in History, and more.
    Samsung Education Apps, Including Solar System, Giggly Theme Dictionary, Phonics Game

Full Web Browser: Sit back and browse the web in ultra HD. You can access any content available on a computer or mobile phone, but you'll have a sharper image with more detail than a 1080p TV or monitor.

AllShare: With AllShare, you can wirelessly access and share content from any wireless-enabled device, including a PC, tablet, camera, or mobile phone. The TV upscales this content into ultra high definition.

ConnectShare Movie: The F9000 features (3) high-speed USB 2.0 inputs for ConnectShare movie. This lets you play back movies, music, photos, and other media without a PC or special equipment. All you have to do is plug your USB or USB-enabled device into the F9000's USB port.

Samsung Supported Music File Chart Samsung Supported Image Resolution Chart
Samsung Supported Audio Codecs
Samsung Supported Video Formats Samsung Video Decoders

Built-In Wi-Fi: Many smart features require a working internet connection and some of them, like AllShare and Smart Share, require the devices to be on the same network. The built-in Wi-Fi on the 65" LED makes the task easy and seamless. There's no need for additional wires and cables; all you need is your existing WLAN.

Wi-Fi Direct (Wi-Di): With Wi-Fi Direct, devices can connect to each other at Wi-Fi speeds without a wireless access point. So even if your TV isn't connected to your home Wi-Fi network, you can still wirelessly share media with your TV.

Samsung Evolution Kit
Evolution kit for Samsung Smart TVs. It will connect to the F9000 via the One Connect Box.

Quad-Core Processor: A quad-core processor makes for a feature-packed, smooth-operating UHD TV. Even the toughest computing tasks are easier; downloading a movie while playing a game, for instance, is as smooth as it would be on a Galaxy device.

Smart Evolution: Technology is constantly changing, but your UN65F9000 will be safe for years to come. All software or information-related components can be upgraded every year. So even though there aren't any 4K broadcasts yet, when a new standard becomes available, all you have to do is update the Evolution kit, not buy a brand-new TV. This means that you essentially get a new TV every year at a fraction of the price.

Audio Features

Audio Processing and Enhancements: Video's only part of the equation! The F9000 comes with several processes that let you get better sound quality. This includes 3D sound, Dolby, and DTS surround codecs.

Dolby Digital Plus/ Pulse: This codec optimizes audio for TV viewing and for listening to Internet-based content played back from wired or wireless devices.

DTS 2.0 + Digital Out: This codec processes the DTS surround sound stream, mixes it down, and outputs 2-channel audio, which is played back with stereo speakers. Digital out means that the device can also send the DTS bitstream via digital outputs (S/PDIF or HDMI) to a receiver to decode DTS audio.

DTS Premium 5.1: This converts any DTS-encoded content and 2-channel audio into DTS 5.1 surround sound playback.

3D Sound: No one wants 2D sound with 3D content. When viewing 3D content on your F9000, the audio track is processed to create a 3D space, so sound is heard above, below, and behind the listener.

DNSe+: The Digital Natural Sound engine creates a preset that suits the most common listening scenarios by combining different equalizer settings and signal processing. This improves the sound on slim TVs.

Inputs/Outputs: This 65" LED TV has a wide range of different inputs, including Blu-ray players, DVD players, and amplifiers. For the best quality, use an AV receiver.

Digital Optical Out Analog (3.5mm) Audio Out ARC
Digital Optical Out: Digital Optical Out is capable of transmitting lossless audio for up to six channels (5.1 surround). Analog (3.5mm) Audio Out: This output carries audio to headphones or other external listening devices. ARC: With ARC, sound can be output using an HDMI cable. ARC is only available through the HDMI port and only when connected to an ARC-enabled receiver.
Samsung UN65F9000 Ultra HD TV

Design: With a stylish, modern design, the F9000 is functional and elegant—the perfect addition to any home.

Bezel: An ultra-thin bezel makes your picture look virtually edgeless, creating a more immersive experience.

Convenience Options/ Features

Dual View: Dual View lets your mobile device mirror whatever is playing on your TV. This means that you can start a show on the F9000 and finish it up in the backyard on your smartphone. On Android-based devices, you can actually change the channel of the program on your mobile device.

TV View: This takes Dual View one step farther and lets you watch content from another input source. With TV View, a family member can be on the F9000 watching a 3D movie from the Blu-ray player on HDMI 3, while you use your mobile device to catch up on Game of Thrones from your DirecTV receiver on HDMI 1.

Bluetooth PowerOn: This lets you turn on your TV using a Bluetooth connection.

Keyboard Functions: Keyboard functions are automatically called to your mobile device's screen when you need to enter text.

Game Controller: Lets you use your mobile device to control games on your TV. The Gyro function lets you control games by tilting your mobile device.

Movie Note: Gives you information on Blu-ray and DVD titles on your mobile device's screen. This includes cast and director information, synopses, and ratings.

Included Accessories: With your ultra HDTV, you'll receive several accessories to improve your viewing experience. Accessories include:

3D Glasses: Samsung includes (4) pairs of active 3D, shutter glasses (SSG-3550CR) in the box with your F9000.

Smart Touch Remote: The Smart Touch remote makes it easier to navigate your UHD TV. The touchpad can control multiple devices connected to your Smart TV, including your set top box, for fast and seamless integration. A built-in microphone is included so you can control the F9000 with just your voice.

Smart View Remote App: The most intuitive way to control your TV is with your mobile device. Samsung's remote application, Smart View, is available for the iPhone/iPad/iPod, Android smartphones, and tablet PCs. Smart View offers standard remote functions like volume and channel control, as well as many other features that can revolutionize the way you watch TV.

IR Extender: This is an additional infrared "eye" for your remote control that extends its range in order to operate other devices connected to the TV.

Slim Gender Cable: 2 AV, 1 Component (AV Shared)

Power Cable

User Manual

E-Manual: Manual built into the TV for easy access.

Remote Control Batteries


  Average Customer Rating

Stunning Picture

By: James Cole
Date: Tuesday, October 08, 2013
4k is the future and Samsung has done it right. The price is competitive with other major manufactures, but what's one thing Samsung has nobody else does? Evolution Kit. The idea of planned obsolescence is ever-present in technology, but Samsung did not follow this curve. The evolution kit will do a firmware upgrade to your tv available every year. This is not your traditional software upgrade. This enhances performance of your tv. If you want something that is "future proof", this product is for you. Hollywood is currently filming movies in both 4k and 8k, so the content will come in a very short time.

Love HD? Then you NEED to see Ultra High Definition

By: TV GUY 1334
Date: Saturday, October 05, 2013
This TV is by far the most incredible TV I have ever laid eyes upon. When I first heard about Ultra High Def I was skeptical about what all the hype was about. I would take a look at my Samsung 8 series LED from a couple years ago and thought "how much better could my picture get?" The answer as it turns out is FAR FAR better than what I had. Seeing the TV in the store I was amazed how quick my view on UHD changed. I am so happy with my purchase and can't wait to watch the Superbowl on my new TV. Do yourself a favor and at least take a look at this TV when you are considering your next purchase. YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY.

The Critic

By: Gatsby
Date: Saturday, August 31, 2013
I had the pleasure of owning the Sony 65" 4K television until this Samsung came out. The Samsung blows the Sony away. Both of these television sets have amazing resolution and very impressive up scaling capability.Blue Ray, NetFlix and HD TV look noticeably better. I had the salesman demo a Batman Blu Ray to compare 1080P to 4K and the upscaling was obvious. This is very important if you are considering a 4K TV purchase. Where the Sony and Samsung differ the most is in color reproduction. There always seemed to be a washed look on the Sony. The Samsung is brighter the blacks are about the same. The screen on the Samsung is more forgiving in bright rooms. I did prefer the UI on the Sony but the Samsung is by no means lacking.

By: NotaSecondTime
Date: Sunday, August 18, 2013
I casually viewed the 65" model with the Samsung City buildings 4K demo. The picture quality was a new experience, different than any other flat panel. First there was an extremely high S/N ratio from the camera source but also in not seeing the LCD pixels changing state. The first impression is more enthusiastic than the Sony's 4K effort, due at least partially to the source material. The level of detail breaks new ground as expected with 4K resolution. The Samsung image processing is very natural but you do see more detail than you would in real-life. It like having the eyes of an eagle. Hyper-detail? This image processing allows for viewing at a greater distance, which is the exact opposite of what experts recommend, based upon the 4K resolution smaller pixel size as compared to 2K/1080p panels. Curiously the Samsung is still using active 3D glasses even with 4K resolution. The Sony 4K uses passive glasses and its 3D performance set a new standard according to Home Theater Magazine. The display comes with a separate Evolution box which should allow for an upgrade to HDMI 2 when it becomes available. I'd figure about $400. If you want the best be prepared to pay for it. The biggest regret is the lack of 75" screen as found even in the new impressive $3K Samsung Electronics UN75F6300 75-Inch 1080p 120Hz Smart LED TV. I'd expect that shortcoming to be announced at the January 2014 CES. Just wait six months something better! Congratulations go to Samsung's superb engineering team for releasing such an impressive statement product.


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