Sharp LC70LE757U: 70" Class 1080p Quattron 3D Smart LED TV
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70" 240Hz Full HD 1080p Quattron Smart 3D LED TV
MSRP: $3,099.99
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Sharp LC70LE757U: 70" Class 1080p Quattron 3D Smart LED TV

Sharp AQUOS Series LED

Quattron! The Sharp LC70LE757U Smart 3D LED TV with Quattron scratches the surface of perfection with its amazing colors and naturally brightness. The LC70LE757U offers more than a billion more colors, so your images explode with vibrant detail. The LC70LE757U AQUOS LED TV is a 1080p resolution, 240Hz refresh rate that’s doubled with Sharp’s backlight scanning technology, AquoMotion 480Hz, and a 10 million:1 contrast ratio for breathtaking HD images. The pinnacle of home entertainment, the LC-70LE757U also boasts a dual-core processor, new and improved Smart Central hub and applications, a full web browser, and built-in Wi-Fi among a host of other options and features.

Sharp Smart TV Platform: SmartCentral 2
Smart Central™ 2
With Sharp’s newly designed intuitive and customizable user interface, SmartCentral™, you can search the web from your LC-70LE757U Smart LED and access the most popular applications like Netflix®, Hulu, Facebook®, and YouTube. You can customize your hub to include all of your favorite applications for easy access and use. Right from the SmartCentral™ 2 hub you can stream media from your Android™ or iOS® based devices directly to your TV. You can also access AQUOS Advantage LIVE, a complimentary remote access support program, from the hub. With AQUOS Advantage LIVE a trained AQUOS advisor remotely connects to your TV, via the Internet, to assist you with setup, troubleshooting, even picture optimization!
Live AQUOS Advantage Advisor Available for Remote Assistance

Dual Core Processor
The LC-70LE757U AQUOS LED HDTV comes equipped with a dual core processor for faster load times of the browser and Smart TV applications. The dual core processor also enables multitasking features such as split-screen web + TV.

Most Popular Apps
More of the applications you love are now accessible through Sharp’s SmartCentral™ 2 platform. Get instant access to streaming services like Netflix and Pandora®, social sites like Facebook and Twitter, voice and video calls with Skype™, and the best gaming; all the things you love are just a click away.
Sharp AQUOS Smart Apps: Facebook, Twitter, Pandora, and YouTube

Web Browser
Access the World Wide Web in all of its glory right form your Sharp AQUOS LED big screen. Now you can visit all of your favorite websites with a window that is as large as life itself.

Split-Screen Web + TV
With your Smart AQUOS HDTV you can watch a program or stream content and split the screen to engage the full web browser. Now you can watch live sports and get updates on player and game stats, or stream a movie or show from Netflix while getting actor information at the same time. Sharp gives you the best of web and television.

Sharp lets you see stunning Flash-created animations live from your Smart TV’s browser allowing to focus on the content, not the compatibility. Every website will render beautifully on your LC-70LE757U big screen.

Remote Control App
Turn your Android™ or iOS® smart phone or tablet into a fully functional remote control for your Sharp big screen AQUOS LED. Simply download the application and you’ll never have to search for the remote in the sofa cushions again.

Sharp Beam
Sharp’s beam application turns your smart phone into a fully functional and easy to use content sharer. You can swipe, or flick the media from your smart phone or tablet screen towards your AQUOS TV to share photos, movies, and more.

Netflix Second Screen
With Netflix Second Screen you can choose a streaming Netflix movie or show you want to watch from your smart phone and play it on your Sharp Sharp AQUOS LC-70LE757U Smart LED HDTV.

AQUOS Smart LEDs with Netflix Second Screen

Built-in Wi-Fi
All Sharp AQUOS Smart TVs have built-in Wi-Fi technology that allows you to connect your LED TV to the internet with adding additional cables.
Sharp AQUOS Smart LEDs Feature Built-in Wi-Fi

Your Sharp AQUOS Smart TV has enough HD connections for your gear. HDMI gives your LC70LE757U the most advanced digital connection available today. With 4 HDMI inputs, you can keep your options open.

Turn your small screen into a BIG SCREEN! MHL delivers uncompressed, HD video with up to 8-channels (7.1 Surround Sound) of digital audio. MHL also charges your device and allows control of your MHL-enabled device via your existing TV remote.

Made and designed to be smarter than smart; your Sharp LC-70LE757U AQUOS LED will work perfectly with virtually all your gear, game consoles, Blu-ray Players, just about everything.

Remote Software Updates
Your AQUOS LED TV will automatically update its software as improvements and optimizations are developed.

Full HD Active 3D
If you think that all 3D is the same then you are mistaken. Sharp’s Full HD Active 3D produces a crisper and brighter image; a 3D experience that will blow you away.
2013 Sharp Active 3D Glasses

Quattron™ 3D
The Sharp LC70LE757U with Quattron™ is here to make your conform and accept 3D in your household. With the addition of the yellow sub-pixel, light is able to pass through more easily, you’ll get a brighter image than standard 3D. Sharp Quattron™ 3D will ensure you have the brightest, clearest picture at all times. Since active shutter glasses dim the image the extra “natural” brightness, from the yellow sub-pixel, makes active 3D even more viable.

2D/3D Switch
Your LC-70LE757U comes with 2 pairs of AN3DG40 Active 3D glasses. Your Active 3D glasses allow you to switch from 3D to 2D any time you without affecting other viewers in the room. With Sharp 3D, everyone gets what they desire.

With Sharp Quattron™ color technology you’ll get more than a billion more colors from the addition of a yellow sub-pixel to your LC70LE757U Smart 3D LED TV. Quattron™ color technology adds 2 million yellow sub-pixel producing a more powerful picture with brighter yellows, richer golds, and deeper blues. The result of Quattron™ technology is a more realistic picture with greater detail and brightness without sacrificing color accuracy.
Sharp Quattron Quad-Pixel Technology

AQUOS LED Full HD 1080p Display
The LC-70LE757U has an advanced 1080p pixel structure that brings you the most amazing images in High Definition. The AQUOS Smart LED uses photo-alignment technology that is made to let more light through in bright scenes and block out more light in dark scenes. The 1080p AQUOS Smart TV has a 10 million: 1 contrast ratio and creates an image so real you can see the difference.
AQUOS Full HD 1080p LED Display

240Hz Refresh Rate
240Hz technology delivers a crystal-clear image even during fast-motion scenes. Experience all of the action on your LC-70LE757U Smart LED with one of the most advanced panel refresh rates available today.
Sharp’s Ultra Brilliant LED Displays are Sure to Dazzle

AquoMotion 480
Sharp’s AquoMotion 480 backlight scanning technology doubles the effective refresh rate of your LC-70LE757U. The scanning backlight essentially inserts a black frame after every image to reduce motion blur and other issues caused by fast-moving scenes in LED TVs.

Auto Brightness Control (OPC)
Cut power consumption and get a more beautiful and comfortable picture to watch with Sharp AQUOS’ Auto Brightness Control. The LC-70LE757U Smart LED by Sharp automatically adjusts the picture brightness to the light in the room.
Sharp AQUOS Offers Environment Friendly Energy Solutions

35W Audio

Sharp Ultra-Slim Frame: More Screen, Less Bezel

Experience a sound big enough to complete your big screen experience. The 35W audio features hi-fi sound with Clear Voice and a built-in subwoofer, so all of your scenes sound great and your audio thunders with 2.1 virtual surround sound for your TV.

Wallpaper Mode
Display any image you choose with Wallpaper Mode on your Sharp AQUOS LC-70LE757U Smart LED. Wallpaper Mode reduces the light level of the TV to mirror museum conditions, so your screen blends flawlessly into your room’s décor. When your LED HDTV is powered off, engage wallpaper mode and turn your TV into a work of art.

Ultra-Slim Frame
It’s no surprise that the Sharp AQUOS LC70LE757U features a new frame that’s thinner around the screen and slimmer in depth, offering more screen in less space.


  Average Customer Rating

Awesome TV

By: Dallax, TX
Date: Sunday, August 25, 2013
Sharp is dominated the market with its monstrosity LED screen TV. This TV is 3D capable and picture is crystal clear with Quatron technology. Watch 3D movies is amazing, felt like we were in an Imax theater. Get your Onkyo TX828 and surround sound to go with this TV.

Amazing Picture and good sound

By: R. Poskevich
Date: Thursday, June 06, 2013
I unpacked the TV and hung it on the wall mount and plugged it in. The set came on and went into a menu that allows selection of time zone, country, etc.. After that I connected my DVD player and put Avatar in to check out the picture. WOW! Even though I'm running a standard DVD through my Sony BDP-S5100 player the picture was unbelievably SHARP. I saw details in Avatar that were not there on my previous TV. The 35W sound system was a little flat at first so I went to the menu and found the sound adjustment section. The surround sound was not enabled so I turned it on and selected Hall Surround. That improved the quality a lot. The TV has plenty of volume and will do well as is. One of the reasons I went for the LE757 was the improved audio performance and now I'm happy I did, since I am not adding a surround sound system right away, maybe never.


By: Mark
Date: Monday, April 22, 2013
Bought the LE757U, very impressive TV. The metal frame looks and feels very high quality. Skin tones and colors were perfect after making a few adjustments on the settings. I watch baseball, golf, and football on this and the picture is just awesome.

Great 3D 240hz

By: Caesar
Date: Tuesday, April 16, 2013
Expert Review by a Paul's Pro

Big tv nice price compared to last years 240hz quattron


By: Louis Hellers
Date: Saturday, June 22, 2013
Expert Review by a Paul's Pro

A well featured, well priced LED. It’s ability to offer higher end features such as 240hz and a quattron panel at a very reasonable price will lead to great sales of this unit.

Brighter and More Colorful

By: Joel Atlas
Date: Wednesday, May 01, 2013
Expert Review by a Paul's Pro

For picture quality, this is a fantastic television. If the customer is looking for more advanced features, they may want to look in a different direction

Sharp keeps getting better!

By: Chris Rothlis
Date: Tuesday, April 16, 2013
Expert Review by a Paul's Pro

Sharp’s new 70 inch LC70LE757U is a great buy for every home. With new and improved features all around, this TV will impress anyone. The Quatron quad-pixel and AquoMotion 480 deliver a very clean and smooth image. Features that make it more than just a television add to the enjoyment for all


By: Donald Knerr
Date: Tuesday, April 16, 2013
Expert Review by a Paul's Pro

Superb picture quality and beautiful design place the Sharp LC70LE757U in the top tier of led TVs, but be prepared to pay a little more for the picture quality and CHROME design


By: Ernie Noriega
Date: Wednesday, April 03, 2013
Expert Review by a Paul's Pro

A well priced, large size TV for a great price. With all the latest features and a reasonable price tag, this makes for a good buy

Sharp LC70LE757U

By: Ryan
Date: Wednesday, May 01, 2013
Expert Review by a Paul's Pro

Sharp is a high quality manufacturer with high quality components inside the TV (the sets tend to last). On the downside that doesn’t always equate to a high quality picture, but if you’re looking for a large screen TV (70” and up) Sharp is the best bang for the buck


By: Dwight
Date: Saturday, April 13, 2013
This TV was average at best in picture quality. Skin hues remained too red despite multiple AND constant adjustments--DAILY, for each connected device!!!!! I returned this TV and upgraded to the 857 and am IMPRESSED with it's brilliance and minor adjustments. I have owned top tier Sony and Samsung models in the past and the LE857 is right on par with them. Make the sacrifice and purchase the top tier model, you will not regret it!! I do recommend Sharp, but NOT this model.


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